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Idioms with the word "Foot" (October 8 and 15 Classes)

to get/have cold feet

My friend invited his two single friends to a dinner. He hoped that he and she would hit it off (to like each other). However, she got cold feet and decided not to come.

to have one foot in the grave

My uncle had one foot in the grave for a few months. We did not know exactly when he might die, but we knew it would be soon.

to have feet of clay

He never likes to tell you what is his decision. Everyone is impatient with this fellow. He has feet of clay.

to drag your feet

This has the same kind of meaning as the above sentence. He is always dragging his feet about important decisions.

to have one’s feet on the ground

If a man or woman have feet on the ground, then they are solid and dependable people. There is also a sense of that person is a good one to talk to about a problem.

to go on foot

He likes to go on foot to his job because it is not very far way.

to put one's foot in one's mouth

When the father accidentally told the secret about his daughter's birthday present, he really put his foot in his mouth that day!

to put one's foot down

You must put your foot down with him! He is asking for too much freedom. He wants to stay out too late at night. Put your foot down!

to get off on the wrong foot

The new employee got off on the wrong foot. The first thing she told the other workers was that her old job was much better than this one.

to get a foot in the door

It is very difficult in Canada to get your foot in the door. Many employers will not hire a person without local experience.

to have a lead foot

A driver with a lead foot believes that he will get home faster if he speeds. However, a traffic engineer can tell you that, in a city full of cars, this is impossible. Drive at the speed limit and you will reach home at the same time as him.

to play footsie

The man was playing footsie with his boss's wife under the table during the dinner. This is pretty dangerous!

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