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Students worked together to provide standard English for the underlined idioms in the dialogue, "A Surprising Day." Here are their results, shown in the parentheses (  ):

A Surprising Day

Today, my boss gave me a knowing smile (secret smile; special smile; mysterious smile) when I came in the door of the office. Now, I’m under no illusions (to have no doubts, I know very well) about my performance at work the past few months. We’ve been in the thick of (in the middle of, working hard on) a huge project and I sure cannot play down the importance of (lower how important it is, make less important, It has been very important to meet, underestimate) meeting deadlines these days. I was worried about what might happen.

However, our company is now leading the pack (is the leader, the best, on top), my boss said with a smile. He apologized to me for dragging his feet (being hesitant, being reluctant, not wanting to) on an important decision. Not only was he going to give me a financial carrot(reward, bonus, benefit) for all of my hard work, but also he said it was time to refresh my batteries. (relax, take a vacation, take a break, rest)

Instead of being on the chopping block (in danger, waiting to be executed, in trouble, blamed) as I had feared, he had given me a spanking new (brand new, new) Mercedes Benz! Not only that, but my boss said to set my sights on (look at, aim, look toward) the horizon because I was going to Hawaii, as well. He said I’d passed my rite of passage (challenge, test) and deserved a big reward!

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