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  Weekly Feature: (June 3, 2001)


Using our Hierarchical Menus (ARCHIVE: New JavaScript in 2004)
Brad's Weekly Feature

The PALC Web site features easy-to-use navigation through "hierarchical" menus on most pages. If you see the colour blue behind our top menus, and you allow JavaScript to run on your computer (about 90% of you do) you can benefit.

Touch the "For Students" link on our top menu bar and then "Find Teachers' Pages," here's what you will see (note you will see your little pointing hand, too):

If you click on the text that is highlighted with the blue and red, you will go to our teachers' pages. Try it now, then click "back."

For even more fun, note that some menus have an arrow pointing to the right. Touch "Java Quizzes" and a new menu opens, then touch "Grammar."  The menu below shows this feature:

Now, you can navigate directly to our JavaScript Grammar quiz page. Try it now! Each of the links in our top menu bar has a set of menus (except the "Home" link). Try them all and use them to get around our Web site more easily.

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