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  Weekly Feature: (November 5, 2001)


Alternatives to the Mainstream Press
Brad's Weekly Feature

The last few weeks has seen a barrage of media unlike any other I have seen over my lifetime. Much of the reporting has been, to put it mildly, sensationalist and disturbing.

In order to understand fully current events, an educated person needs to read widely, not just from CNN, Reuters, and so on, but also from other, less widely distributed sources.

What can a person do to find more balance to the views espoused by the large media organizations? I have a few suggestions for Web-based sources that are credible and that provide alternatives to the mainstream.

Alternative Views (all based in the USA)

The New Yorker
This week, articles on the ground war in Afghanistan, and on a possible domestic source for the anthrax found in the US.

The Village Voice
This week, articles on a failed commando raid on the Taliban leader and on the two million Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

Salon Magazine
Today's feature article is on the dangers of continued bombing during Ramadan.

Mother Jones
This month includes an article on how the US government is restricting news coverage and how large media organizations are going along.

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