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  Weekly Feature: (November 25, 2001)


Preparing for Level 1-3 Certificate Tests
Patricia's Weekly Feature

Remember that you must write certificate tests soon. Evening level 1-3 students write their first tests on November 29 at 6:00 p.m., and the daytime level 1-3 students write on December 3 during their regular class time. 

The level 4+ students write their tests the following week. Check the calendar outside room 187 or the Certificate Test Schedule for more details.

Tests are a good way to evaluate your progress in the different subjects such as English, math, socials and science. Your test results will determine your level for the January term. 

If you are unable to write certificate tests in December, you must write them upon your return in January.

The best way to prepare for the tests is to study your grammar and math workbooks and attend as many of the classes as you can, especially the review classes. 

To practice for Level 2 Certificate Tests choose the links below.

English Grammar Level 2A Practice Certificate Test
(Test to print out and practice)

English Reading Level 2A Practice Certificate Test
(Test to print out and practice)

Java Quizzes (Use IE or Netscape 4.0 plus)

Level 2 Verb Practice Quiz

Level 2 Homonyms Practice Quiz

Level 2 Combining Sentences with Conjunctions Quiz


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