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  Weekly Feature: (April 17, 2002)


Earth Day
's Weekly Feature


This year, Earth Day is held on Thursday, April 22. Earth Day increases Canadians' awareness of the impact they have on the environment and all forms of life we depend on for survival. 

Canadians are encouraged to take positive action to slow global warming:

Take a bus, ride a bike, or walk instead of driving

Take hazardous household chemicals such as paint or oil to a local waste depot instead of dumping it down the drain

Avoid using disposable products such as paper towels, plastic cutlery and foam cups

 Never throw out anything that can be recycled.

The idea for Earth Day started in 1962. Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson was troubled that the condition of the environment was not considered by government. He persuaded President Kennedy to go on a national conservation tour. 

In 1963, President Kennedy began a five-day tour of eleven states. This was the very beginning of a grassroots protest over what was happening to our environment. 

Today, Earth Day is the largest environmental event. It is celebrated by over 6 million Canadians and more than 500 million people in 184 countries around the world. Canadians participate in a variety of events: schools, community and youth groups, employee groups and environmental groups. In 2002, 30,000 people participated in Victoria's Earth Walk. 

School children are the most active in Earth Day activities. It is the third most important date on the school calendar—after Christmas and Halloween.

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