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  Weekly Feature: (April 14, 2002)


Brad's Weekly Feature

The Vancouver Canucks are going to the playoffs! Wait a minute, what are "playoffs" anyway?

Many Canadians, and many people living in Vancouver, will be hockey mad for the next two months. Playoffs are games used to decide which team is the best in hockey this year. This year, Vancouver has a good chance to win at least one round (set of games).

I'm a well-known hockey fan, but I'm a fair-weather fan, meaning I don't watch hockey all the time—only when the team is winning games and going to the playoffs! And my poor wife will be a "hockey widow," which means she won't see me much in the next few weeks.

The prize is the Stanley Cup, an honour some say is the hardest one to get in professional sports. That's arguable (perhaps the World Cup is harder!), but it is true that many players will play an entire career in the National Hockey League and never have a chance to get the "cup."

Use the resources below to find out more about hockey, and then try my hockey quiz to see how much you really know about Canada's national game!

The Hockey Hall of Fame 
Lots of information, statistics, and history here for the devoted hockey fan.

Ice Hockey Glossary
From "Adam's Division" to "zones" all the terms you need to know to understand a hockey fan. Look here if you're having difficulty with my hockey quiz!

The 1972 Summit Series 
Any Canadian born on or before 1966 can tell you where they were when Paul Henderson scored the series winning goal with 34 seconds left in the final game. A part of Canadian hockey legend, this site has all the information.


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