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  Weekly Feature: (April 21, 2002)


English Certificate Tests: English 7 and 8
Patricia's Weekly Feature

Writing a strong paragraph is a challenge, but it is also a necessary skill to pass the English 7 and 8 certificate tests. 

Start with a clear topic sentence. Next, write several supporting sentences with some relevant examples. Remember to vary your sentences and carefully choose your words. 

Finish with a closing related idea. To view a sample descriptive and process paragraph, click on the links below. Also, test your knowledge of sentences with two new quizzes.

Descriptive paragraph: "River Memories"

Process paragraph: "Mango Salsa" 

Kinds of Sentences Quiz 1

Kinds of Sentences Quiz 2

English Grammar (Basic) Practice Certificate Test
(Test to print out and practice)

English Reading (Basic) Practice Certificate Test
(Test to print out and practice)

English 6 Practice Certificate Test
(Test to print out and practice)

Other Quizzes to Try:

Verb Practice Quiz

Homonyms Practice Quiz

Combining Sentences with Conjunctions Quiz


River Memories

     Growing up near a river was a wonderful experience for me. I remember spending many hot summer days with my friends and family lying on the sandy beach and swimming in the cool, wide Kennebecasis River. We had a small hand-built raft we would swim out to and dive off. When I wasn't at the beach, I was learning to sail. It was so much fun trying to sail a small boat. In winter, the river was frozen, so we would skate happily for hours. If it snowed, we would build large snowmen with carrot noses or go cross-country skiing across the frozen white flats. I smile whenever I remember the Kennebecasis River.


Mango Salsa

     Mango Salsa takes some time to prepare, but it is worth it for this flavorful, light appetizer. First, wash and finely chop all of these ingredients: one seeded green, yellow and jalapeno pepper, two ripe mangoes, six firm Roma tomatoes, one red onion, and one cup of cilantro. Next, mix all of these ingredients in a medium sized glass bowl. Then, squeeze two limes and lemons over the mixture and stir. Let the salsa sit in the fridge for a few hours before serving it with tortilla chips. Your guests will be delighted with this refreshing treat.


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