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  Weekly Feature: (May 19, 2002)


On Multiculturalism in Canada
Paul's Weekly Feature

The culture that each of us belongs to is characterized by the uniqueness of its attributes. Such attributes include language, religion, customs, beliefs, habits, values, traditions, and racial or ethnic origin. 

Canada is widely recognized and respected for being the first country in the world to adopt multiculturalism as an official policy, a policy designed to encourage, and maintain, a multicultural national cross section. 

As people continue to immigrate to Canada from virtually every corner of the world, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Canada's multicultural success is attributed largely to one major factor: the commitment of Canadians to a unified Canadian identity, while still taking pride in the uniqueness of their individual heritage.

Therefore, as our interaction with people of different cultures grows daily, we should seek cross-cultural guidelines to facilitate these interactions. 

These guidelines can promote an understanding and appreciation of the aspects of Canada's different cultures, and should include details on the practical customs of people from different origins. 

Practical customs within different nationalities include effective communication, appropriate gift-giving, respect in addressing others, interesting conversation topics, acceptable conduct in public, and so on.

For reference and for further information, check out the following site :

Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism



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