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  Weekly Feature: (July 5, 2002)


The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
Paul's Weekly Feature

In 1928, the Canadian government set up a Royal Commission (special committee) to examine the direction of radio broadcasting in Canada. There was a concern about the growing American influence in Canadian radio programs. After an extensive study, the commission issued a report which, in 1932, under the Canadian Broadcasting Act, led to the creation of the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission (CRBC). 

The CRBC's focus was to create, and broadcast, Canadian content in radio programming. Eventually, in 1936, after endless committees and reports, the Canadian Broadcasting Act replaced the CRBC with Canada's national public broadcaster, a Parliament Crown Corporation, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Since its inception, the CBC has grown to become Canada's largest cultural institution, providing services in English and French, with media programming on three platforms: Radio, Television, and Internet. The CBC is subject to the regulations of the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), an independent agency responsible for regulating Canada's broadcasting and telecommunications systems. 

The CBC is accountable to all Canadians, and it reports annually to Parliament through the Minister of Canadian Heritage. CBC's mandate is set out in the 1991 Broadcasting Act, which states that it "should provide radio and television services incorporating a wide range of programming that informs, enlightens, and entertains."

Being a key instrument of Parliament's cultural policy, the CBC's role includes enhancing pride in Canada, contributing to Canada's economic growth and prosperity, protecting Canada's heritage, ensuring access to Canadian voices and Canadian media space, and encouraging participation by Canadians in Canadian society. 

As Canada's national public broadcaster, the CBC conducts this immense role through several means. Such means include telling Canadian stories reflecting the reality and diversity of Canada, informing Canadians about news and issues of relevance and interest, supporting Canadian arts and culture, and building bridges among Canadians, between regions and between communities of Canada.

With its history as Canada's greatest supplier of Canadian cultural content, the CBC will continue to touch the lives of Canadians.

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