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  Weekly Feature: (December 15, 2002)


Marking Your Writing
Patricia's Weekly Feature


Students will soon be able to view their English certificate tests. You will see some letters at the bottom of your writing that might puzzle you. What do C,F,S,M mean? Here is a brief overview.

C is for conventions. These are your spelling, grammar and punctuation. The more mistakes you make, the lower your score.

F is for form. In a paragraph, make sure you have a good title, a topic sentence, detail sentences and a closing sentence. In an essay, make sure you have a title, an introduction with a thesis statement, a topic sentence for each body paragraph with supporting sentences and a closing sentence, and finally a conclusion with an effective restatement of your thesis.

S is for style. This is your sentence variety (simple, compound, complex) and use of adjectives, adverbs and transitions.

Lastly, M is for meaning. These are your ideas and insights that support and develop your chosen topic.

If you have any more questions about the marking of the writing on the English certificate tests, ask your teacher during the review on December 17 for daytime students and December 16 for evening students.

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