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  Weekly Feature: (October 20, 2002)


Naming Decimals
Carey's Weekly Feature

Decimals are just another method of writing some fractional numbers (only those fractions that have denominators 10, 100, 1000, 10 000, ...).  Decimal fractions are written without a numerator and denominator.


The fraction 37/100 could be written as the decimal 0.37.  The period or decimal point indicates that this is a decimal.


The decimal 0.37 should be pronounced as THIRTY-SEVEN HUNDREDTHS, not as zero point three seven or zero point thirty-seven.

 The decimal 5.209 is like a mixed numeral and so should follow the same naming rule.  The decimal 5.209 should be pronounced as FIVE AND TWO HUNDRED NINE THOUSANDTHS.  “And” is only used between the whole number part of the mixed numeral and the fractional part.


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