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Spelling Demons Part One
by Louise

Spelling demons are the words that we often misspell. Here are some common problem words with some hints on how to remember them. After you have reviewed the word list, try a quiz to help you tame those spelling demons!

1. absence: (n) the state of being away Spelling hint: absence ends in -cenot -se. Remember: students with many absenCes end up with a grade of C!

2. accident: (n) an unexpected, undesirable event Spelling hint: an accident leaves a dent in the end.


3. accommodate: (n) to hold comfortably without crowding (one of several meanings) Spelling hint: accommodate begins with a and ends with -date. In the middle of the word are three pairs of letters, c's, m's and o's. Those c's , m's, and o's are couples on a date - all three in twos.


4. address has two d's. You add the address to your letter before you send it.


5. argument: (n) a quarrel Spelling hint: argument drops the e in argue before adding -ment. Argument has gum in the middle.


Try the Quiz! Spelling Demons One


(Published on July 14, 2002; revised September 17, 2015)

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