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  Weekly Feature: (September 29, 2002)


Spelling Demons Part 2
Louise's Weekly Feature

In the July 13 Weekly Feature, we studied five spelling demons. Spelling demons are the words that we often misspell. Here are some more common problem words with some hints on how to remember them. After you have reviewed the word list, try a quiz to help you tame those spelling demons!

1. attendance: (n) the state of being present
Spelling hint: attendance ends with –dance. Most of you would like to attend a dance.

2. balloon has two l’s to go with its two oo’s.

3. bargain: (n) something bought at a cheap price (one of several meanings)
Spelling hint: a bargain is something that ends in a gain for the consumer.

4. business with an i, is for making income.
busyness with a y is being busy.

5. calendar: ends in –dar. A calendar is for showing days and dates


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