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Spelling Demons (Part 3)
by Louise

In the July 13 and September 28 Weekly Features, we studied eleven spelling demons. Spelling demons are the words that we often misspell. Here are some more common problem words with some hints on how to remember them. After you have reviewed the word list, try a quiz to help you tame those spelling demons!

1. caress: (n) a gentle touch of tenderness or love

Spelling hint: caress has one r and two s’s. Caress begins with care

2. cite: (v) to quote as an authority or an example.

Spelling hint: to cite something with a c is to Call it to mind

3. sight: (n) ability to see

Spelling hint: sight means seeing with one’s eyesight.

4. site: (n) a place where a building is.

Spelling hint: a site is where something sits.

5. conscience: (n) your inner voice that tells you what is right or wrong.

Spelling hint: Science comes from the Latin word scientia, which means “having knowledge.” The word conscience has science in it because conscience is “the knowledge within.”

Try a quiz on these words: Spelling Demons 3


(November 25, 2002)

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