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  Weekly Feature: (March 14, 2003)


The Olympic Games
Patricia's Weekly Feature


Now that a majority of Vancouverites have voted in favor of the Olympics and there is a good possibility the IOC will choose Vancouver/Whistler, you may want to consider which Olympic event you would like to see. Cross-country and downhill skiing are always exciting, but so are freestyle skiing and ski jumping.

Ice-skating is smooth and graceful, speed skating fast and powerful. There are so many events to choose from you may want to look at the Internet sites below to view some photos of previous Olympic games or to find out how the bid is progressing.

On the other hand, if you are a summer Olympic fan, read the descriptive paragraph on my favorite summer Olympic sport and view more inspiring photos.

Olympic Pictures:

Olympic Picture of the Day Gallery

Summer Olympics Photos

 Triathlon Photos



My Favourite Summer Olympic Sport

     Swimming 1.5 kilometers, running 10 kilometers and cycling 40 kilometers are required in my favourite Olympic sport. The athletes rush into the cool water together. You see only their arms flying and their legs kicking wildly. After about 15 minutes, they stagger out one by one. They quickly put their shoes and helmets on and mount their bicycles. They speed off down the paved roads. Some of them ride in large groups. Unfortunately, sometimes they crash and fall. If they're lucky after about 60 minutes, they reach the transition area. They dismount carefully. Then, still looking strong, they start the final leg, the 10 kilometer run. Their legs and arms move smoothly together while they run along the roads and up and down the hills. Finally, they cross the finish line, exhausted but happy. They have completed one of the most physically demanding sports in the Olympics, the triathlon.


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