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  Weekly Feature: (February 9, 2003)


Spelling Demons (Part 4)
Louise's Weekly Feature


In the July 13th, September 28th and November 23rd Weekly Features, we studied 16 spelling demons. Spelling demons are the words that we often misspell. Here are some more common problem words with some hints on how to remember them. After you have reviewed the word list, try a quiz to help you tame those spelling demons!

1. correspondence: ends with –ence. When you have finished writing your correspondence, you put it in an envelope.

2. cupboard: a cupboard is a board or cabinet where you keep cups. Don’t be fooled by the pronunciation and leave out the p. CUPboard

3. dependent: ends with –ent. Children are dependent on you because they put a big dent in your paycheck.

4. descendant: ends with –ant. The opposite of descendant is ancestor which also contains an. Descendant also contains an ant.

5. emigrate: is to Exit from a country, to move out.

6. immigrate: is to go Into a country. Also immigrate has two m’s because maybe twice as many people want to immigrate to Canada as emigrate to another country.

Try a Quiz on these Spelling Demons

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