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  Weekly Feature: (April 26, 2003)


Spelling Demons Part 5
Louise's Weekly Feature


In the July 13th, September 28th and November 23rd and February 9 Weekly Features, we studied 22 spelling demons. Spelling demons are the words that we often misspell. Here are some more common problem words with some hints on how to remember them. After you have reviewed the word list, try a quiz to help you tame those spelling demons!

1. environment: has the word iron in it, just as the material iron is found in our environment.

2. exercise ends with se not ce. Think that you must Sweat when you do exerciSe

3. expense ends with se. The s is like a $ sign which is how expenses are measured in Canada. expen$e

4. extraordinary: we dont say the a when we pronounce extraordinary, but when you spell it think of it as extra ordinary.

5. February: sometimes we say February without pronouncing the first r like [febuary], but when we spell it, we must include both rs because its cold in February: Brr FeBRuaRy

Quiz to check the above list: Spelling Demons 5

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