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  Weekly Feature: (June 1, 2003)

How to Survive the Certificate Tests
(A Five Point Guide)
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1. Be prepared.
Click on the following link (Getting Ready for the Certificate Tests) to find out what’s going to be on the tests and use the links to help you get ready.

2. Bring your cover page.
This will allow the teacher to get your tests ready for you more quickly. If you don’t have your cover page, it will slow us down, and you will be served after everyone with cover pages has been served.

3. Read the questions very carefully.
If something is not clear to you, raise your hand and ask the teacher – not your neighbour! Watch out for the key words in each question. They are usually the verbs.
Here are some examples:

Circle the correct answer.

For example: Man is a/an ______________.

a) animal b) mammal c) plant d) reptile

Remember to choose only the best and most accurate answer. The best answer would be (b) mammal. Although man is also an animal, (a) is not the most accurate answer.

Circle the correct answers.

Select all answers that are true. In the example above, you would need to circle both (a) and (b) to get full marks.

Fill in the blanks with the correct answer.

Give only one answer per blank. If you know more than one answer, choose the best one to fit the blank. Teachers will only mark the first answer they see—all other answers are disregarded.

4. Please do not share your answers with your neighbour.
Not only is this morally wrong, it is also not helpful to your friend to be moved to a class higher than his abilities. We use our certificate tests to help place our students into appropriate classes. Cheating or helping someone to cheat helps no one.

5. Relax and do your best. Good luck – not that you need any!

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