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The Fall Semester at Pearson ALC
Brad brings us up to date on the next semester's offerings. Includes links to course descriptions and registration information. August 18, 2013

Rick's Trip to the Past and the Future
Rick brings us along on his family vacation. August 11, 2013

British Columbia Day
Renuka outlines the history of B.C. Day and includes some suggestions for things to do. Includes a comprehension quiz for practice. August 4, 2013

Searching for a Car
Paul outlines his search and includes lots of valuable information for anyone who is searching for a car. Includes two quizzes for practice. July 28, 2013

Cycling in the Lower Mainland
Patricia introduces us to opportunities for cycling, reviews grammar and provides a quiz for practice. July 12, 2013

Systematic Proofreading
Louise introduces a powerful strategy for improving your writing (and marks!). Includes a quiz to test your skills. July 7, 2013

Summer is Here!
L outlines our summer program. Remember to come in to re-register on July 2 and tell your friends to come on July 3 or 4 if they would like to study with us this summer. June 30, 2013

Mirror Images: Essay Introductions and Conclusions
Jennifer reviews important rules for successful essay introductions and conclusions. June 23, 2013

Something New, Something Green
Charlotte introduces us to the city of Richmond's new green cart program for food scraps. Includes two quizzes to test yourself on the reading. June 9, 2013

A Teacher's Summer Day (Personal Essay)
Brad's essay demonstrates showing rather than telling. Includes a challenging ten question multiple choice vocabulary quiz.  June 2, 2013

Sun and Cancer Awareness
Trudi notes the beginning of official summer this past weekend and advises us to be careful with the sun.  May 26, 2013

Summer Program at Pearson Adult Learning Centre
Tazim brings us up to date on summer learning opportunities at the centre.  May 21, 2013

Green Party Candidate: Rick McGowan
Rick is running for the Green Party in this week's election. Here, he gives answers to a number of questions about his candidacy.  May 12, 2013

Math Tutorials
Renuka updates students on our extensive math tutorial schedule. Includes a reading comprehension quiz on the reading. May 5, 2013

Daffodil Poetry
Patricia reminds us of the Canadian Cancer Society's daffodil campaign while also introducing us to two kinds of poetry. Includes a matching quiz to test your comprehension. April 28, 2013

Earth Day 2013
The importance of taking care of our planet Earth and its environment cannot be overstated. Paul shows us why and provides two quizzes to test your comprehension of his article. April 21, 2013

Problems with Prepositions 4: For, On or To
Louise completes her series on prepositions with a final challenging quiz. April 14, 2013

The Other T-Form: Verbs, not Taxes
L goes over some intriguing changes in the use of "t" versus "ed" in the past form. April 7, 2013

Four Quick Tips to Improve Your Writing
Jennifer gives us some concrete ideas for writing improvement. Includes two sample paragraphs and a short comprehension quiz. April 2, 2013

BC's 40th Provincial Election
Cheryl encourages everyone to register to vote in this important upcoming election.  March 22, 2013

Taking First Steps
Charlotte compares the experience of a child's first steps to students returning to school. Includes a cloze quiz to test your vocabulary comprehension.  March 17, 2013

Poetry: Sound and More
Brad brings us his notes on sound devices in poetry and provides a 15 question multiple choice quiz to test your understanding. March 10, 2013

Visiting Curacao
Trudi introduces us to this beautiful Caribbean island. March 3, 2013

Work Smarter Not Harder
Tazim introduces us to the idea of different learning styles and provides a link where you can find out your own. February 24, 2013

The Butter Battle Book
Rick introduces us to this classic tale from Dr. Seuss. Includes links to animations and a quiz. February 17, 2013

Family Day in B.C.
Renuka introduces us to our new B.C. holiday. Includes a multiple choice quiz to test your comprehension.. February 10, 2013

Why Take Physics?
Paul argues strongly for students to consider taking Physics at the centre. He includes a fill-in-the blank and comprehension quiz for you to try. February 3, 2013

B.C. Shore Birds
Patricia introduces us to B.C. birds with a properly constructed paragraph. Includes a matching quiz to test your comprehension. January 27, 2013

Why Learn Math?
L argues passionately for getting educated in Mathematics and includes links to plenty of useful resources and quizzes. January 13, 2013

The Controlling Idea: Writing Better Paragraphs
Jennifer explains this important concept then tests you with a multiple choice quiz.  January 6, 2013

 A New Year; A Fresh Start
Cheryl makes a resolution for New Year's.  December 31, 2012

 Memories of Snow
Charlotte reminisces about her Canadian experiences with snow. After you read, try a fill-in-the-blank vocabulary quiz. December 23, 2012

 Vivid Verbs
Patricia demonstrates the power of vivid verbs and provides us with two quizzes to test our knowledge. December 16, 2012

 Fruit and Vegetables Idiom Quiz
How well do you know idioms like "in a pickle"? Take Brad's quiz and find out!  December 9, 2012

 Problems with Prepositions: In or On
Louise offers a quiz to practice these pesky problem prepositions!  December 2, 2012

New Energy; Too Great a Sacrifice?
Rick explains fracking, a new process to extract natural gas from shale deposits. But, he warns that the environmental costs may be high. Includes a comprehension quiz for practice. November 25, 2012

The New, Improved Computer Course
Renuka advises students that our computer course, known as Information and Communications Technology has been revised.  November 18, 2012

The History of "O Canada"
Paul bring us interesting information on Canada's national anthem. Includes two quizzes to test your comprehension.  November 11, 2012

November Rains
Patricia reacts to our recent spell of bad weather. Includes sample sentences and paragraphs and two matching quizzes for practice.  November 4, 2012

 Feed the Food Bank
Tazim introduces us to our 2012 Food Bank Drive. Let's make this our best year ever! Includes a matching quiz for comprehension practice. October 27, 2012

Improve Your Writing with Synonyms
Jennifer makes the case for using synonyms to improve your writing. Includes a challenging quiz on synonyms for common English words. October 14, 2012

Positive Thinking Month
Cheryl reminds us of the power of positive thinking. October 8, 2012

Being a Summer Tour Guide
Charlotte recounts her summer activities and suggests three good sites to find Vancouver attractions. Includes a comprehension quiz for practice. September 30, 2012

The Best of The Buzz; Our Most Popular Student Writing
Brad provides links to the best and most popular pages of student writing at our site. Try a quiz on the content of these pieces for comprehension practice. September 23, 2012

Stay Healthy; Take a Science Class!
Trudi encourages all students to take care of their health and to consider taking a Science class this term. Includes links to useful quizzes online.  September 16, 2012

Worker Smarter, Not Harder!
Tazim introduces us to the idea of different learning styles and provides a link where you can find out your own. September 9, 2012

How to Avoid Plagiarism
Rick provides students with a timely reminder. Includes a link to a quiz at The University of Guelph. September 4, 2012

Canadian Coins
Renuka reviews the common Canadian coins. Multiple choice quiz is included to check your comprehension. August 26, 2012

Cycling in the Lower Mainland
Patricia gives us a sample paragraph and verb tense sentences to help students write each one perfectly. Includes a matching quiz for practice on verb tenses. August 19, 2012

Summer Articles Practice
Jennifer reviews five important rules and then challenges us with a fill-in-the-blank quiz. August 12, 2012

Dazzling Weekend Fun: The Abbotsford International Air Show
Paul gives us a complete account of the show and offers you two quizzes, one multiple choice for reading comprehension and one fill-in-the-blank for vocabulary practice. August 7, 2012

Problems with Prepositions Part 1: In, At or On?
Louise brings us a challenging fill-in-the-blank quiz to help you practice your prepositions. July 20, 2012

Learning about Canada
Cheryl links us to useful resources to learn about Canada and Canadians. After you read, try a multiple choice testing you on Canada's provinces and capital cities. July 15, 2012

Summer Rodeo
Charlotte introduces us to rodeo in British Columbia. After you read, try a multiple choice or matching quiz.   July 9, 2012

Introducing our New Feature: Weekly Quizzes
Brad introduces us to our new-style features and points you to a useful quiz on essay structure from the early days of the PALC.  July 1, 2012

Traffic Reporters Reveal Too Much! A Rant
Tazim argues strongly for less information from traffic reporters.  June 17, 2012

Joining a Book Club
Renuka tells us of her childhood love of reading and gives practical advice on  joining a book club.  June 10, 2012

Vancouver International Airport
Paul gives us a rundown of this important international hub and suggests that our website visitors come to Vancouver. Includes two quizzes for practice. June 3, 2012

Rediscovering the Wisdom of Dr. Seuss
Rick argues that Dr. Seuss's books are more relevant than ever to both adults and children. May 27, 2012

Fun Runs
Patricia demonstrates the standard paragraph and fills us in on a great way to have fun while helping the community. May 20, 2012

Cycling in Metro Vancouver
Louise encourages everyone to get out on a bike and enjoy this amazing spring weather!  May 13, 2012

Mothers' Day in Poetry
L suggests we write an acrostic poem for Mothers' Day and includes student sample acrostic poems for inspiration.  May 6, 2012

Be a Better Writer
Jennifer outlines practical ways to improve your writing, including tips and two sample paragraphs. April 29, 2012

Earth Day: April 22, 2012
Cheryl encourages us to make positive changes to our lives, beginning with celebrating Earth Day. April 22, 2012

A Rant about Debt
Rick speaks for many of us with his personal rant about debt. April 10, 2012

April: Daffodil Month for Cancer Awareness
Trudi reminds us that having a healthy lifestyle can help us to prevent cancer. April 1, 2012

March: Nutrition Month
Tazim points us to great resources to help us eat more healthily and to learn more about nutrition.  March 27, 2012

Plagiary! Who Me?
Brad reminds students that, at the PALC,  we take plagiary very seriously.  March 18, 2012

Spring Break Activities in New Westminster
Renuka helps students to plan for their free time for our upcoming spring break.  March 12, 2012

Online Activities for English Beginners
Patricia directs students in English levels 1, 2 and 3 to useful web sites for working on their English skills.  March 4, 2012

Leap Year? Leap Month?
Paul outlines the scientific reasons for having an extra day in February this year. Includes two quizzes for vocabulary practice.  February 26, 2012

Canada's Provinces and Capital Cities
Louise helps Social Studies students to study by providing a list and links to interactive quizzes for practice.  February 19, 2012

Ideas for Valentine's Day
L gives us some great suggestions for a more romantic Valentine's Day. February 12, 2012

Laura Secord: A Great Canadian
Jennifer's short essay on Laura Secord introduces a great Canadian connected to our celebration of Valentine's Day. February 5, 2012

Information about the Law
Cheryl passes on important information about the law that can help you with legal issues in Canada. January 29, 2012

Reflecting on Fall 2011
Charlotte reflects on her first term as a teacher at the PALC. January 22, 2012

The Life of a Marking Teacher
Brad explains what it is like to mark multiple English papers this weekend. January 15, 2012

Preparing for the Certificate Tests
Trudi's feature provides students with links and resources to help them write a better test this term. January 8, 2012

Welcome to 2012; Happy New Year!
Tazim wishes us all a Happy New Year and links us to web sites to help us make the best of a new year. January 1, 2012

Writing 12
Renuka invites students to take Writing 12 in the spring term. December 18, 2011

Balancing Time for School
Paul suggests practical solutions to help students with their work/school balance. December 11, 2011

Winter Words
Patricia helps students to be more descriptive in their winter writing. Includes four matching quizzes for practice. December 4, 2011

How to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey
Charlotte shares her recipe for the perfect turkey.  November 27, 2011

How to Fix Missing Articles
L outlines the many pitfalls in learning the correct use of English articles. Includes a sample essay to correct for practice.  November 21, 2011

FANBOYS: Making Compound Sentences
Jennifer outlines how to use the FANBOYS in making compound sentences.  November 14, 2011

Municipal Elections 2011
Cheryl reminds everyone to vote in the upcoming municipal elections.  November 7, 2011

Feed the Food Bank
Tazim launches our annual Food Bank drive.  October 30, 2011

Do I Need to See That?
Brad considers the effects of the recent graphic video footage taken of Colonel Gadhafi's capture. October 23, 2011

Staying Healthy
Trudi reminds us to stay healthy and points out great web resources to help you.  October 16, 2011

Learning to Spell
Louise outlines some great online resources to help you learn to spell.  October 10, 2011

Family Studies 12
Renuka explains this class and welcomes you to join.  September 25, 2011

Visiting Cancun
Paul recommends visiting Cancun for a family vacation. Includes two quizzes to check your comprehension.  September 18, 2011

Lives Touched by Cancer
Patricia reminds us of this year's Terry Fox Run (September 18) and shares paragraphs on his life by her and her students. September 11, 2011

Learning Keyboarding Skills
Louise points out some great web sites and reminds students of our ICT 10 course. September 4, 2011

Setting Effective Goals
L reminds students of the importance of setting realistic, achievable, goals. August 25, 2011

What Means ?. . .Using Question Words
Jennnifer shows us how to use question forms properly in English. August 21, 2011

 Visiting Pender Island
Cheryl suggests we visit this wonderful island, located close to Vancouver. August 14, 2011

My Favourite Summer Pastime
Charlotte brings her summer activities to delicious life! August 7, 2011

New Course for September: DFT 12
Brad introduces his new course: Drama: Film and Television 12. July 31, 2011

Making Biking Better
Rick informs us on how governments are working to encourage cycling in our cities. July 24, 2011

Weekly Feature: Summer Danger
Trudi warns us about an invasive plant that is liking our un-summer-like weather.  July 17, 2011

Summer Fun—Free or Nearly Free
Tazim helps you make the most of your time this summer.  July 10, 2011

July Events at the New Westminster Public Library
Renuka outlines the many and varied programs available at our local library.  July 3, 2011

Cellphone Etiquette
Paul reminds everyone about politeness and safety when using a cell. Includes two quizzes to check your knowledge. June 26, 2011

Cycling in the Lower Mainland
Patricia gives us a sample paragraph and verb tense sentences to help students write each one perfectly. June 19, 2011

Countdown to the Certificate Tests
L gives students good advice to help them prepare for the upcoming certificate tests.  June 5, 2011

 Summer Articles
Jennifer goes over article use in English and provides us with a cloze exercise for practice.  May 29, 2011

Brainstorm First
Renuka outlines the process students may use to increase the number of ideas they have for writing an essay.  May 22, 2011

Writing Outside the Box
Brad's recent experiences with his Writing 12 students helps him to adjust his teaching style.  May 9, 2011

 Canada's Census: May 2011
Trudi updates us on this important survey required of all Canadians. May 1, 2011

Earth Day 2011
Tazim links us to great resources for this year's Earth Day. April 24, 2011

Mature Trees in the City
Rick makes a strong argument for preserving mature old growth trees in the city. April 17, 2011

 In Class or Self Paced?
Paul outlines the differences between in class and self paced study and includes a comprehension quiz for practice. April 10, 2011

Florida Oranges
Patricia, now visiting Florida, provides us with topical information in a sample descriptive paragraph. April 3, 2011

Becoming a Better Reader
Louise provides us with seven strategies. Use them to improve your spring break reading!  March 26, 2011

Improving Your English Online
Patricia points us to a wealth of good online resources for English learners.  March 20, 2011

Prewriting and the Essay
Jennifer gives us a good reminder and demonstration for this essential skill.  March 13, 2011

Bring Your Writing to Life
Renuka shows us how!  March 7, 2011

B.C.s New Premier-Designate: Christy Clark
Cheryl introduces us to B.C.s premier in waiting. February 27, 2011

Is "Imagination More Important than Knowledge"?
Brad reflects on Einstein's famous statement in the light of teaching and the state of the world today. February 20, 2011

February is Heart Month
Trudi reminds us to take care of our real heart in the month of Saint Valentine's. February 13, 2011

Writing a Good Essay
Rick both tells and shows you how to write a good standard essay. February 7, 2011 

Happy New Year! (Year of the Rabbit)
Tazim's feature welcomes us to read more about this important day in many parts of the world. January 30, 2011

Why Study Science?
Paul's feature explains how understanding science improves your knowledge in many ways. Includes two quizzes for vocabulary practice. January 23, 2011

Vocabulary Development: New Years
Louise's feature goes over a number of useful words related to New Years. Includes two quizzes for vocabulary practice. January 16, 2011

Getting Ready for the Certificate Tests
Patricia's feature gives us a complete overview of the upcoming tests written by English 4 to 10 students. Includes many links to help you get ready. January 8, 2011

Happy New Year!
L links us to a wealth of information to get your new year off to a good start. January 1, 2011

Christmas Gives Opportunities
Jennifer reflects on the positive aspects of Christmas giving and suggests one way to help others less fortunate. December 26, 2010

Math Upgrading
Renuka provides students with suggestions for ways to improve their math skills at the PALC. December 19, 2010

Getting Ready for Next Term
Cheryl gives us a sneak peek at next term's course offerings at the PALC. December 12, 2010

Brad comments on the biggest news story in the world today. December 5, 2010

Winter Safety Tips
Trudi points us to sites that will help you to survive this possibly long cold winter! November 28, 2010

About Math Problems—Yet Again!
Paul helps students with practical resources for working with math problems. Includes a quiz to test your comprehension. November 16, 2010

Get Out of Your Car!
Rick makes an impassioned plea for people to consider the environment in their day-to-day activities. November 8, 2010

Food Bank Drive 2010
Tazim launches our annual Food Bank Drive with a goal of six boxes of food to donate this season. October 31, 2010

Nominalization: Changing into Nouns
Patricia explains how to use more forms of any word using nominalization. Includes many examples to illustrate. (October 24, 2010)

Vocabulary Development: Size Verbs (Part 2)
Louise continues her series with verbs that mean "getting smaller." Includes two quizzes to check your comprehension. (October 17, 2010)

Happy Thanksgiving!
L fills us in on the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday. October 10, 2010

After the Essay: The Paragraph Reviewed
Jennifer reminds students that good paragraph structure is even more important after a student masters the essay. October 3, 2010

The Year of Science
Renuka encourages students to consider studying science to improve their future job prospects. September 26, 2010

Why Study Civics or Social Studies?
Cheryl explains the relevance of the courses, using the HST from B.C. as her example. September 19, 2010 

Courses to Consider
Brad provides us with more information on courses offered this semester. September 12, 2010

Reflections on Summer
Trudi rediscovers some essential truths this summer. September 5, 2010

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Tazim introduces us to the idea of different learning styles and provides a link where you can find out your own. August 28, 2010

On Chihuahuas
Paul introduces us to his family pet, Peaches, and writes two quizzes to help you check your vocabulary. August 15, 2010

Writing Process Paragraphs
Patricia provides us with three sample process paragraphs. Includes questions and answers on the various parts of a successful paragraph. August 8, 2010

 An Essay Checklist
 L provides us with a useful resource for improving our essay writing skills. August 2, 2010

 Vocabulary Development: Size Words
Louise gives examples of various size words and offers us two interactive quizzes to check comprehension. July 25, 2010

Idioms of Time
Cheryl discusses an interesting time idiom and how our relationship with time has changed since she was younger. July 11, 2010

Teaching Oral Language
Brad goes over the B.C. curriculum requirements for speaking and listening and outlines the positive benefits he's experienced with his students. July 4, 2010

A Successful PALC Graduate
Trudi congratulates our graduates and points us to a Royal City Record article on successful graduate, Kamaljeet Munday. June 27, 2010

Summer Fun—Free or Nearly Free!
Tazim helps you make the most of free time in the summer. June 20, 2010

Benefits of Teaching Adults
Rick gives us a list of interesting things he's learned this term while teaching. June 13, 2010

Clean Air Day
Renuka encourages us to pay attention to personal habits to help the planet on Clean Air Day. June 6, 2010

Protecting Internet Privacy
Paul informs us of important information to help us to protect our personal privacy on the Internet. Includes a self-marking vocabulary crossword puzzle and multiple choice quiz for practice. May 23, 2010

Fun Runs
Paul points out a great way to help your community and stay fit at the same time. Includes a self-marking vocabulary crossword puzzle for practice. May 23, 2010

Louise helps students who may wish to learn better keyboarding skills. Links to fun and useful web sites for practice. May 16, 2010

Mother's Day
L explains our Mother's Day tradition. May 9, 2010

Writing the Essay
Jennifer offers us a complete system to help you write a good standard essay. May 2, 2010

Information on the Law
Cheryl points out important resources for B.C. residents in need of legal advice. April 25, 2010

Daffodil Month
Dina makes us aware of Daffodil Month and the sale of daffodils to support cancer research. April 17, 2010

The Writer's Life
Brad discusses the life of writers and his experiences with teaching Writing 12. April 4, 2010

Trudi explains Easter and the symbolic meaning of the Easter egg. March 28, 2010

March: Nutrition Month
Tazim points out two important web sites related to nutrition and food safety. March 21, 2010

Daylight Savings Time
Rick fills us in on the trials and tribulations of the DST. March 14, 2010

Spring Break 2010
Renuka gives us ideas for fun activities to do over the spring break in Vancouver.March 7, 2010

Olympic Verbs and Adverbs
Patricia writes another sample paragraph on the Olympics. This time, she goes over the use of verbs and adverbs. Includes two matching quizzes for practice. February 28, 2010

The Skytrain for the Olympics
Patricia writes a sample paragraph on the Olympics. Includes lots of samples of verb tenses and a photo gallery taken at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. February 21, 2010

Learning to Spell
Louise gives us some advice on how to improve our spelling. February 14, 2010

2010 Winter Olympic Games
L gathers all the information you need to know to have a great time during Vancouver's 2010 Winter Olympic Games. February 7, 2010

The Red Mittens
Helen explains the significance of red mittens to residents of Canada. January 31, 2010

Laura Secord: A Great Canadian
Jennifer writes a short essay on Laura Secord, a great Canadian connected to our celebration of Valentine's Day. January 24, 2010

Vancouver: An Earthquake Zone!
Dina gives us all a timely reminder after this week's devastating events in Haiti. January 17, 2010

New Classroom Course: Law 12
Cheryl introduces us to her new classroom course: Law 12. Counts as a 12 credit for adult graduation.  January 10, 2010

Welcome to a New Decade
L goes over a personal resolution and includes some tools to help you make your own. January 3, 2010

Holiday Activities
Trudi outlines a number of interesting activities to help you enjoy your second week of holidays!  December 26, 2009

The Compare or Contrast Essay
Jennifer explains the complex processes behind a successful comparison or contrast essay and includes an interesting sample essay for study.  December 20, 2009

Global Warming
Rick argues passionately for Canada and Canadians to accept their global responsibility for climate change and do more to fight the problem.  December 13, 2009

Holiday Potluck Party
Renuka invites all students (day and evening) to come, eat and socialize at our annual holiday potluck. December 6, 2009

Our Students and their Studies
Paul brings us a feature that explains the rich diversity of the ALC. Includes links to further information and a comprehension quiz. November 29, 2009

November Rains
Patricia reacts to our recent spell of bad weather. Includes sample sentences and paragraphs and a matching quiz for practice. November 22, 2009

Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide
Louise shares a number of resources we can use to help make better food choices in our lives. November 15, 2009

H1N1: The Swine Flu
Brad goes over some important information on this year's unusual pandemic influenza.November 8, 2009

Daylight Saving Time
Helen is enthusiastic about today's extra hour! Includes a number of interesting facts about daylight saving time. November 1, 2009

Annual Food Bank Drive
Tazim launches her annual food bank drive. Although her goals are modest this year—five boxes—last year we collected seven! October 22, 2009

October: Power Smart Month
Want to save some money? Then read Dina's feature this week!. October 18, 2009

October: Positive Thinking Month
Cheryl reminds us to stay positive. October 11, 2009

To Park or Not to Park
Brad reminds all students to respect teachers' parking spaces. October 4, 2009

Household Budgets for Challenging Times
Trudi brings us important information on how families can meet the challenges brought on by the recession. September 27, 2009

Work Smarter, Not Harder!
Tazim introduces us to the idea of different learning styles and provides a link where you can find out your own. September 20, 2009

What is ICT?
Renuka answers the question and introduces a brand new PALC course. September 13, 2009

Cancer: A Personal Story
Rick brings us a personal account of a fight for survival. September 7, 2009

Making Our Computer Lab Work for You
Paul outlines the many resources and services available for students at our computer lab. September 1, 2009

Writing Process Paragraphs
Patricia provides us with three sample process paragraphs. Includes questions and answers on the various parts of a successful paragraph. August 20, 2009

Cycling in Metro Vancouver
Louise advocates for cycling to take advantage of Vancouver's wonderful summer weather. August 16, 2009

Summer Activities in Vancouver
L suggests a number of links to help you have more fun this summer in Vancouver.August 9, 2009

A Day at the Beach; Summer Articles Practice
Jennifer goes over article use in English and provides us with a cloze exercise for practice. August 2, 2009

Accounting Courses at the PALC
Helen goes over two key courses for accounting students: Accounting 11 and 12. Includes links to business programs in B.C. July 25, 2009

Summer Safety 2009
Dina provides us with a timely reminder to take care of ourselves this sunny and warm summer. July 19, 2009

Canadian Citizenship Test Information
Cheryl provides good links to help you prepare for your citizenship test. Includes information on her course offerings this school year. July 12, 2009

The Class of 2009: PALC Graduates
Tazim profiles some of our graduates and their responses to questions about their graduation. July 4, 2009

Michael Jackson (RIP)
Brad remembers Michael Jackson and points us to two interesting articles about him. June 28, 2009

Summer Fun 2009
Trudi fills us in on interesting summer activities. June 21, 2009

"The School of Second Chances"
Rick points out a heartwarming Globe and Mail article about Vancouver's successful adult program. June 14, 2009

A Special Birthday
Renuka reminds us of a special 150th birthday celebrated in New Westminster. June 7, 2009

On Colloquial English
Paul's feature gives us a thorough look at this informal kind of language. Includes a fill-in-the-blank practice and links to more information May 31, 2009

Patricia reviews our graduation ceremony plans and honours our bursary recipients. May 24, 2009

Collocations (Words that Work Together)
Louise presents us with eight different pairs and includes a fill-in-the-blank quiz for you to practice.  May 17, 2009

Finding Perspective
L suggests that keeping perspective can help us survive hard times.  May 10, 2009

Snoring and Other Sleep Problems
Jennifer takes a lighthearted look at a familiar problem.  May 3, 2009

The Uros of Lake Titicaca
Helen reflects on our material world as she recounts a visit to a unique people. April 27, 2009

Earth Day
Dina reminds us of an important day, celebrated around the planet. April 19, 2009

BC's 39th Provincial Election
Cheryl gives full information to help you to cast your vote in the upcoming provincial election. April 12, 2009

Introducing TED
Brad introduces a fabulous online resource for practicing listening while learning about new and exciting ideas. April 5, 2009

Going Green: Using Colour in Writing
Trudi uses Earth Hour as a jumping off point for a discussion on using colour in writing. March 29, 2009

Welcoming Spring and Staying Healthy
Tazim provides a timely reminder that spring can mean changes in our lifestyle, too.March 22, 2009

Thoughts on Canadian Identity
Rick provides us with a thoughtful meditation on Canadian identity. March 14, 2009

The Pearson Patter
Renuka introduces us to our bi-yearly student newsletter and welcomes your submissions for our June issue. March 9, 2009

Solving Word Problems in Math
Paul gives us a thorough discussion of methods that will help you to improve your problem solving skills in Math. Includes quiz links for practice. March 1, 2009

Reading Resources at the PALC
Patricia points out some key resources available to students to help them to improve their reading skills. February 22, 2009

Canada's Provinces and Capital Cities
Louise helps students to get ready for their social studies test. Includes three practice quizzes. February 14, 2009

Using Verb Tenses Correctly
Patricia presents a complete set of sentence examples for all tenses with the theme of shovelling snow. February 8, 2009

Prewriting and the Essay
Jennifer presents us with a method to make an essay better and stronger. February 1, 2009

The Train of Death
Helen's amazing vacation adventures continue with her tale of "The Train of Death." January 25, 2009

Family Literacy Week
Dina alerts us to the activities available for Family Literacy Week. January 18, 2009

Hot Tea Month
Cheryl writes of her new found love for a hot cup of tea. January 11, 2009

More Snow? Tales from Snowbound Vancouver
Brad writes about his experiences with a very snowy holiday season in Vancouver.January 3, 2009

Grade 10 Writers
Trudi features her Grade 10 English students writing about family and dreams.December 28, 2008

Christmas Giving
Jennifer suggests alternatives to our usual holiday season consumerism. December21, 2008

Improving Your Skills Online
Rick gives us a comprehensive list of useful interactive websites for improving reading, writing, listening and speaking skills online. December 14, 2008

English, English Everywhere
Renuka argues that students should take English "beyond the classroom and into their daily lives." December 7, 2008

Why Math?
Paul offers us compelling reasons why our centre assesses every student's Math skills. Includes a quiz to check your understanding. November 30, 2008

Using Verb Tenses Correctly
Patricia goes over the many basic tenses available in English. Includes a comprehensive list of common verbs with full sentence examples. November 21, 2008

Becoming a Better Reader
Louise introduces us to seven strategies that will help you to become a better reader.November 16, 2008

Remembrance Day
L shares with us the meaning of this somber day. Includes two famous war poems for comparison. November 9, 2008

Feed the Food Bank!
Tazim announces our annual Food Bank drive to collect food for needy families.November 2, 2008

My South American Vacation
Helen shares her many interesting adventures from last summer! Includes photos taken on her trip. October 26, 2008

Halloween Safety
Dina reviews important tips to help us enjoy a safe and happy Halloween.  October 19, 2008

Elections and Voting
Cheryl reminds us of our democratic responsibility to vote and that the federal election is not the only one held this fall.  October 13, 2008

Teaching the New English Curriculum
Brad reflects on teaching to the new standards for English 11 and 12 implemented this September.  October 5, 2008

Lives Touched by Cancer
Patricia's feature outlines concrete ways we can reach out to help those affected by cancer by, for example, participating in the Terry Fox Run.  September 28, 2008

Reading and Listening Practice Online
Tazim introduces us to a fabulous resource for students at all levels.  September 21, 2008

English 12: A Realistic View
Rick gives us a realistic view of the difficulties and rewards of this challenging course.  September 15, 2008

A New Beginning—Again!
Renuka's feature welcomes us all back to the new beginnings represented by a new school year. September 7, 2008

Tuition Free Courses for Graduates
Paul's feature outlines the new Ministry of Education policy that provides tuition free education to students who have already graduated from high school. August 30, 2008

Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables
Patricia's feature gives us a brief outline of a famous Canadian author. Includes a sample paragraph and demonstration of compound and complex sentences. August 24, 2008

Read this Summer to Improve Your Writing
Louise's feature encourages students to use the summer break to read new books and to, as a result, improve their writing. August 17, 2008

Working with Computers: Data Management 12
L's feature introduces us to his new course that offers a Grade 12 credit and many useful computer skills. August 10, 2008

Who is Simon Jackson?
Jennifer's feature answers the question of just who, exactly, is Simon Jackson.August 3, 2008

The Grouse Grind
Helen's feature encourages everyone to give the challenging hike, the Grouse Grind, a try! July 27, 2008

Summer Safety
Dina's feature reminds us to take care now that summer is finally here!. July 19, 2008

Civic Studies 11
Cheryl's feature outlines her fall course offering. July 13, 2008

Addicted to Oil?
Brad's feature examines his personal oil addiction and ideas for recovery. July 6, 2008

Water Conservation
Tazim's feature reminds us of the importance of conserving water resources. June 30, 2008

Canada Day Paragraphs
Rick's feature demonstrates how paragraphs change depending on their purpose and audience. June 24, 2008

Reading Myths
L's feature explains ways to increase your reading speed while, at the same time, increasing comprehension. June 15, 2008

Keeping Up With the News
Paul's feature outlines the rich and varied resources he uses to stay informed. Includes a comprehension quiz on his article. June 8, 2008

Getting Ready for the Certificate Tests
Patricia's feature gives a complete overview of the upcoming tests written by English 4 through 10 students. Includes links to many resources to help you get ready! June 1, 2008

Michael J. Fox: Hometown Hero
Pat introduces us to a locally born man recently given an honorary law degree at the University of British Columbia. May 25, 2008

Canada's Provinces and Capital Cities
Louise provides great information for Social Studies students studying for their certificate tests. Includes quiz links to test yourself. May 18, 2008

What Teachers do on Professional Days
Jennifer fills in students on the important benefits of teacher professional days. May 3, 2008

Wonderful Reading for Students
Helen's feature points out some new, and wonderful, reading materials available at the lab. April 27, 2008

Siamese Fighting Fish
Dina's feature informs us about the beautiful and interesting Betta. April 20, 2008

Emergency Procedures
Cheryl's feature comments on last Thursday's lockdown at the high school and reminds us of the necessity for safe procedures. April 13, 2008

Teaching Film
Brad's feature discusses his use of film in senior English classes. Includes links to resources teachers may use in a film unit. April 6, 2008

Cancer Prevention
Tazim's feature helps us to better understand and prevent cancer, a dangerous and prevalent disease.  March 29, 2008

My Helpful Friend
Renuka writes of her most helpful friend, one that finds answers for her every time. March 16, 2008

Writing for Whom?
Paul's feature points out the critical importance to writers of being aware of audience, the "whom" we write for.  March 9, 2008

Confusing Gerunds
Patricia's feature discusses the gerund noun, a useful but confusing part of English grammar. Includes examples to test your knowledge and links to other resources.March 2, 2008

February: Heart Month
Pat's feature asks us, "How heart smart are you?" Includes links to a quiz and more information to help you stay healthy.  February 24, 2008

Prepositions: Time, Location and Wearing
Louise's feature links to a number of useful quizzes to help you practice the correct use of prepositions.  February 17, 2008

Ratatouille, Reflections, Resolutions and the Year of the Rat
L's feature links the box office sensation, Ratatouille, and the Year of the Rat. February 8, 2008

Mirror Images: Essay Introductions and Conclusions
Jennifer's feature gives us a useful practice template and instructions for writing excellent essay introductions and conclusions.  February 3, 2008

4 Weeks into 2008
Helen's feature helps us to reflect on our recent resolutions for the new year and points us to more resources to help us keep them! January 28, 2008

Chinese New Year
Dina's feature introduces us to Chinese New Year and explains the 12 animal calendar and this year, the year of the rat. January 21, 2008 

January: Hot Tea Month
Cheryl's feature explains her resolution to drink more tea this year and links us to interesting information on this popular beverage. January 13, 2008

Weekly Feature (Brad): Using a Writeboard to Teach Writing
Brad's feature explains a powerful tool he uses to assist students with the difficult process of learning to write. January 6, 2008

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Winter Break Fun
Tazim's feature will help give you good ideas for the second holiday week from school.December 30, 2007

Weekly Feature (Rick): Learning to Write with "The March of the Penguins"
Rick's feature demonstrates different paragraph styles (summary, comparison, narrative) based on information from the film. December 23, 2007

Weekly Feature (Renuka): Time Well Spent
Renuka's feature gives us some practical ideas on managing our time while, at the same time, cautioning us not to go overboard. December 16, 2007

Weekly Feature (Paul): The Richmond Speed Skating Oval
Paul's feature fills us in on one of our new 2010 Winter Olympics facilities. Includes a new interactive quiz to test your knowledge. December 9, 2007

Weekly Feature (Patricia): Winter Words
Patricia's feature encourages students to expand their winter vocabulary. Includes four matching quizzes to help you. December 2, 2007

Weekly Feature (Pat): Commonly Confused Words
Pat's feature points out the differences between similarly spelled words with very different meanings. November 25, 2007

Weekly Feature (Louise): Affiliation and Description Prepositions
Louise's feature gives students excellent information and practice on a most difficult part of English. Includes two quizzes to test your knowledge. November 18, 2007

Weekly Feature (L): Implications of a Strong Canadian Dollar
L's feature discusses the pros and cons of the Canadian dollar's recent rise against other world currencies. November 11, 2007

Weekly Feature (Jennifer): Sentence Combining: Coordination and Subordination
Jennifer's feature gives plenty of background and examples for the critical skills of coordinating and subordinating ideas in your sentences. November 5, 2007

Weekly Feature (Helen): How Can I Find Time to Do My Homework?
Helen's feature offers sympathy for students working and taking classes at the same time. October 28, 2007

Weekly Feature (Dina): Halloween's Here!
Dina's feature gives us a list of safety tips and links to more information on making your Halloween celebration even better this year!. October 21, 2007

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): BCs New Lieutenant Governor
Cheryl's feature introduces us to the first aboriginal Lieutenant Governor in BC history. October 15, 2007

Weekly Feature (Brad): I am Thankful
Brad's feature on Thanksgiving Day outlines some of the things he is thankful for in his life. October 7, 2007

Weekly Feature (Paul): Canadian Thanksgiving
Paul's feature from 2006 outlines the unique traditions of a Canadian Thanksgiving. Includes a quiz to test your knowledge. September 30, 2007

Weekly Feature (Rick): The Curse of the Cell Phone
Rick undertakes a close examination of cell phones and argues that their addictiveness could cause problems. September 24, 2007

Weekly Feature (Renuka): From Studying to Snoring
Renuka reminds us to remember our sleep health at the start of a busy school year. Includes a number of common sleep idioms for study. September 16, 2007

Weekly Feature (Paul): Hurricane Season and Travel
Paul's recent experience with a cancelled vacation to Mexico makes clear the dangers of travelling during hurricane season.  September 9, 2007

Weekly Feature (Patricia): Ready or Not!
Patricia brings us up-to-date information on courses offered and registration dates and times for new students.  September 2, 2007

Weekly Feature (Pat): B.C. Blueberries
Pat outlines the health benefits and provides tasty links for this important B.C. summer berry crop.   August 26, 2007

Weekly Feature (Louise): Weather and Source of Information Prepositions
Louise helps students to learn these two important prepositions uses and includes two online quizzes to help you test your ability.   August 19, 2007

Weekly Feature (L): 
Never Get Lost Again or, How to Save Your Marriage and Sanity Anywhere in Canada and the U.S.
L describes his recent travel experiences, much aided by the use of an in-car Global Positioning System.  August 12, 2007

Weekly Feature (Jennifer): Shakespeare Alfresco: Bard on the Beach
Jennifer fills us in on Vancouver's annual summer Shakespeare Festival.  August 5, 2007

Weekly Feature (Helen): Tennis Anyone?
Helen makes a good case for either playing or watching tennis this summer. July 30, 2007

Weekly Feature (Dina): Keeping Freshwater Fish: The Pleco
Dina's at home hobbies include keeping a unique freshwater fish, the Pleco. July 22, 2007

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Fireworks!
Cheryl gives information on the Celebration of Light, Vancouver's international fireworks competition held each summer at English Bay. July 16, 2007

Weekly Feature (Brad): A Man Who Planted Trees
Brad's feature focuses on some big changes happening in his own neighbourhood. July 8, 2007

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Anyone for Ice Cream? An Update
Tazim's feature updates Paul's from last year with a tasty ice cream suggestion in Vancouver. June 24, 2007

Weekly Feature (Rick): Sample Persuasive Essay
Rick's feature takes the form of a persuasive essay/movie review on the recent release, "Fantastic Four." June 18, 2007

Weekly Feature (Paul): The Writing Process
Paul's feature gives a complete overview of the writing process. Includes a quiz to test yourself and other valuable online links to help you prepare for the upcoming tests. June 10, 2007

Weekly Feature (Patricia): Getting Ready for the Certificate Tests
Patricia's feature gives a complete overview of the upcoming tests written by English 4 through 10 students. Includes links to many resources to help you get ready! June 3, 2007

Weekly Feature (Pat): Lynn Canyon Park
Pat's feature highlights the many delights to be found in North Vancouver's Lynn Canyon Park. May 27, 2007

Weekly Feature (Louise): Victoria Day
Louise's feature outlines the history of the Victoria Day holiday and includes links to local events and celebrations. May 20, 2007

Weekly Feature (Helen): What Can I Do to Save the Earth?
Helen's feature gives us practical tips and a wealth of Web links to help everyone contribute to helping save the earth. May 6, 2007

Weekly Feature (Dina): Emergency Preparedness Week
Dina's feature reminds us to be prepared for an emergency where we need to supply our own needs for up to 72 hours. April 29, 2007

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Our Earth
Cheryl's feature reminds us of the awesome power of the earth, focusing on a nearby volcano, Mount Baker. April 22, 2007

Weekly Feature (Brad): Teaching the "Write" Way (Update)
Brad's feature updates us on the progress made by the Writing 12 students this term.April 15, 2007

Weekly Feature (Trudi): Earth Day and Week 2007
Trudi's feature reminds us to participate in this ever more important event! April 8, 2007

Weekly Feature (Helen): My Mother's Chocolate Chip Cookies
Helen's feature gives us some family background and, best of all, a chocolate chip cookie recipe to try! April 1, 2007

Weekly Feature (Rick): Science in the Kitchen
Rick's feature outlines his scientific approach to the contents of his refrigerator.March 25, 2007

Weekly Feature (Paul): Spelling in English
Paul's feature gives a wealth of detail and resources to help you become a better speller. Includes multiple links to quizzes and other Web resources. March 18, 2007

Weekly Feature (Patricia): Writing a Descriptive Paragraph
Patricia's feature demonstrates writing a descriptive paragraph. Includes photos taken at New Westminster Quay. March 11, 2007

Weekly Feature (Pat): Daylight Saving Time
Pat's feature fills us in on the upcoming time change, coming a full month earlier this year! Includes full information on why we change our clocks. March 4, 2007

Weekly Feature (Louise): Canada's Provinces and Capital Cities
Louise's feature will help Social Studies students to memorize the names of our provinces and capitals. Includes links to three quizzes. February 25, 2007

Weekly Feature (L): Overweight in Vancouver
L's feature outlines his plan to lose some weight. Includes a vocabulary exercise for practice. February 18, 2007

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Canada's New Food Guide
Tazim draws our attention to the recent update to Canada's Food Guide and provides links to help you choose better foods for a healthier life. February 11, 2007

Weekly Feature (Dina): Valentine's Day
Dina's feature gives detailed information on the origins and meaning of this day for lovers.  February 4, 2007

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Groundhog Day
Cheryl's feature gives us the origins of this week's special day. Do you know what happens if the groundhog sees its shadow? January 28, 2007

Weekly Feature (Brad): Courses for Next Semester
Brad's feature gives information on Grade 11 and 12 courses available in the spring semester. January 21, 2007

Weekly Feature (Trudi): Family Literacy Day
Trudi's feature gives us a wealth of detail on important steps you can take to ensure your family has a high level of literacy. January 14, 2007

Weekly Feature (Tazim): The Heart and Stroke Foundation
Tazim's feature points us to a wealth of timely health information to keep ourselves healthy in the New Year. January 6, 2007

Weekly Feature (Paul): Understanding English Words
Paul's feature gives a four-step approach to understanding new English vocabulary. Links to quizzes and other excellent resources. December 24, 2006

Weekly Feature (Patricia): Vivid Verbs
Patricia's feature, originally published in November 2004, is one of the top ten pages at the PALC Web site. Links to two challenging quizzes and a worksheet. December 17, 2006

Weekly Feature (Louise): Eat Well and Keep Active
Louise's feature reminds us to watch our health in this dark and rainy season. Includes links to Canadian Government sites for further study. December 10, 2006

Weekly Feature (Pat): Holiday Fun in Vancouver
Pat's feature points out some fun opportunities for the holidays. December 3, 2006

Weekly Feature (L): More Career Choices
L's feature outlines more ideas for launching a successful career, including links to excellent Web resources. November 26, 2006

Weekly Feature (Helen M.): Throw Away that Translator!
Helen M's feature gives her personal experience in learning a second language and a strong argument for giving up translation as a tool for learning a language. November 19, 2006

Weekly Feature (Helen H.): Canucks are Us, Eh!
Helen's feature outlines the history of the word "Canuck," used to identify Canadians since the 1800s. Includes two vocabulary quizzes for practice. November 12, 2006

Weekly Feature (Dina): Remembrance Day
Dina reminds us of the importance of this upcoming holiday.  November 5, 2006

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Support the Food Bank
Cheryl kicks off our annual Food Bank drive. Let's beat last years record!  October 30, 2006

Weekly Feature (Brad): Teaching the "Write" Way
Brad's feature offers us an inside look at the new Writing 12 class.  October 24, 2006

Weekly Feature (Rick): Writing Better Paragraphs
Rick's feature helps students understand this essential form of writing. Includes an amusing apology paragraph for being late! October 17, 2006

Weekly Feature (Paul): Canadian Thanksgiving
Paul's feature gives us a thorough account of our tradition. Includes a comprehension quiz, two online quizzes and links to further resources. October 8, 2006

Weekly Feature (Patricia): Falling Maple Leaves
Patricia's feature demonstrates correct paragraph structure. Includes links to information on Canada's national symbol. October 1, 2006

Weekly Feature (Pat): Using Coordinating Conjunctions 
Pat's feature gives us full detail on writing more successful long sentences. Includes links to two quizzes for practice. September 24, 2006

Weekly Feature (Louise): Becoming a Better Reader 
Louise's feature outlines seven strategies for becoming a better reader. September 17, 2006

Weekly Feature (L): Success and Shifting Perspectives 
L's feature helps us understand the different ways Canadians view success.September 10, 2006

Weekly Feature (Helen): Study Habits for Success 
Helen's feature encourages students to improve their study habits. August 27, 2006

Weekly Feature (Dina): The Moon 
Dina fills us in on our nearest neighbour, the moon. August 20, 200

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Civics Studies 11 
Cheryl's feature gives her students a head start for her fall course offering. August 13, 2006

Weekly Feature (Rick): Writer's Block 
Rick offers an explanation for his missed July feature. August 6, 2006

Weekly Feature (Trudi): Tips for the Heat 
Trudi's tips help us to cope with our recent hot weather. July 30, 2006

Weekly Feature (Brad): A Cougar on Denman? 
Brad's vacation visit to Denman Island included stories of a cougar on the prowl. July 24, 2006

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Celebration of Light 
Tazim's feature alerts us to the upcoming fireworks celebrations held at English Bay.July 15, 2006

Weekly Feature (Paul): Anyone for Ice Cream? 
Paul gives us interesting information on a favourite summer treat. Includes a short quiz to test your knowledge! July 9, 2006

Weekly Feature (Pat): Summer Solstice: June 21, 2006 
Pat explains the solstice and links us to a number of resources and quizzes. June 25, 2006

Weekly Feature (L): Reflections of Fatherhood on Father's Day 
L ponders the difference between his and his father's experiences of fatherhood.June 20, 2006

Weekly Feature (Louise): Travel 
Louise brings us an exercise on writing about travel. Includes an extensive list of travel vocabulary. June 13, 2006

Weekly Feature (Jennifer): Change 
Jennifer, who leaves the PALC at the end of June, writes on life changes. June 4, 2006

Weekly Feature (Helen): Spirit Bears Make a Difference 
Helen's feature brings us up to date on the Spirit Bear exhibits in Vancouver. May 28, 2006

Weekly Feature (Dina): Summer Sun 
Dina's feature give us some background on our amazing sun and warns us to be careful, too!  May 21, 2006

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Victoria Day 
Cheryl's feature outlines the origins of this weekend's holiday. Includes links to local events.  May 16, 2006

Weekly Feature (Brad): Nine Nights in Paris 
Brad's feature, written at Paris's Charles de Gaulle airport, reflects on his recent trip to Paris.  May 10, 2006

Weekly Feature (Barb): None of us is as smart as all of us 
Barb's feature outlines the benefits of group work for better essay preparation. April 29, 2006

Weekly Feature (Trudi): Descriptive Paragraphs: Student Examples 
Trudi's English 10 students demonstrate a variety of descriptive techniques. All paragraphs are based on the character, William, from the story, "All Summer in a Day."  April 23, 2006

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Canadian Blood Services 
Tazim reminds us of a most important service for all Canadians.  April 16, 2006

Weekly Feature (Rick): "A Great Day" Four Sample Paragraphs 
Rick's feature gives us four types: comparison, description, process and narrative. April 10, 2006

Weekly Feature (Paul): April Fool's Day
Paul's feature explains April Fool's Day. No fooling!  April 1, 2006

Weekly Feature (Patricia): Florida Oranges 
Patricia brings us a feature from Florida, including a sample paragraph and photos from her vacation!  March 26, 2006

Weekly Feature (Pat): National Nutrition Month 
Pat gives us a wealth of links and explanations for the most important topic of all! March 19, 2006

Weekly Feature (Louise): Alliteration 
Louise's feature looks at this powerful poetic technique.  March 15, 2006

Weekly Feature (L): Reading at the Right Level 
L's feature helps you to select the best reading material to suit your own reading level.  March 6, 2006

Weekly Feature (Jennifer): Black History Month 
Jennifer's feature explains how black slaves escaped to Canada on the famous "Underground Railroad." February 26, 2006

Weekly Feature (Helen): B.C.'s Spirit Bear 
Helen fills us in on this rare animal, now an important provincial symbol for British Columbia. February 19, 2006

Weekly Feature (Dina): Heart Month
Dina reminds us all to remember our hearts when eating our Valentine's chocolates! February 12, 2006

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Valentine's Day
Cheryl gives us both a historic and personal account of the celebration of love. February 5, 2006

Weekly Feature (Brad): Teaching the Personal Narrative Essay
Brad gives his account of a narrative essay unit used in English 11 this term. Includes links to useful resources.  January 29, 2006

Weekly Feature (Barb): You
Barb gives a heartfelt tribute to her students at the PALC.  January 22, 2006

Weekly Feature (Trudi): Family Literacy Day: January 27
Trudi fills us in with many interesting facts on family literacy.  January 15, 2006

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Volunteering in Your Community
Tazim encourages students to get involved in community through volunteering. January 7, 2006

Weekly Feature (Rick): Canada Needs a Tropical Island
Rick argues for an 11th province, with tropical heat and good ocean swimming! January 1, 2006

Weekly Feature (Paul): About Boxing Day
Ever wonder about the Canadian public holiday, Boxing Day? Paul fills us in and provides us with a crossword to check vocabulary and comprehension, too!  December 24, 2005

Weekly Feature (Patricia): Holiday Studies
Patricia reminds students to keep up with course work over the holidays. She includes a sample paragraph, "Snow in Queen's Park" to help your studies.  December 18, 2005

Weekly Feature (Pat): Holiday Activities
Pat points out web sites that will help you find holiday fun in Vancouver this holiday season. December 11, 2005

Weekly Feature (Louise): Snow Similes
Louise gives us some sample similes and then challenges us to write ten more!December 4, 2005

Weekly Feature (L): The Writing Contract
L outlines the most important contract for aspiring writers: the one between the writer and his or her reader. November 27, 2005

Weekly Feature (Jennifer): Christmas Giving
Jennifer suggests alternatives to our usual holiday season consumerism. November 19, 2005

Weekly Feature (Helen): Successful Job Interviews
Helen outlines three important steps to ensure a successful job interview. November 13, 2005

Weekly Feature (Dina): Diabetes Awareness Month
Dina gives us the details about this common condition affecting two million Canadians.November 5, 2005

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): 2005: Year of the Veteran
Cheryl fill us in on this year's important themes and gives information on Remembrance Day. October 30, 2005

Weekly Feature (Brad): Welcome Back Everyone!
Brad welcomes students and staff back to school tomorrow. October 23, 2005

Weekly Feature (Trudi): Canadian Thanksgiving
Trudi fills us in on next weekend's holiday. October 1, 2005

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Practice Sentences with Skillswise
Tazim points out an excellent sentence and grammar practice site for students.September 25, 2005

Weekly Feature (Rick): On Being a New Dad
Rick's wry and personal essay outlines the life-changing experience of fatherhood.September 21, 2005

Weekly Feature (Patricia): A New School Site
Patricia fills us in on our new school site. September 3, 2005

Weekly Feature (Paul): Canada's Next Governor General
Paul's feature fills us in on our next Governor General, a truly interesting woman.August 26, 2005

Weekly Feature (Pat): Health Information on the Web
Pat's feature points out a fabulous Canadian resource to help make Internet health searches more accurate and reliable. August 21, 2005

Weekly Feature (Louise): Read this Summer: Improve Your Writing Too!
Louise's feature outlines a useful approach to improving your writing: reading more! Includes suggestions for finding a good book.  August 15, 2005

Weekly Feature (L): Vancouver on the Cheap
L's feature helps us to get the best deals in Vancouver this summer.  August 7, 2005

Weekly Feature (Jennifer): The Essay: Part Three
The final installment of Jennifer's three-part series on the essay.  July 31, 2005

Weekly Feature (Helen): Road Safety: Be Calm, Be Aware, Be Courteous
Helen provides us with timely reminders about driving safely, particularly important in the busy summer driving season.  July 24, 2005

Weekly Feature (Dina): Food Safety
Dina outlines some simple rules to help keep food safe at summer barbecues and picnics.  July 16, 2005

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Summer 2005
Cheryl remembers past (and warmer) summers fondly. Let's hope the sun comes out soon!  July 9, 2005

Weekly Feature (Brad): Working at the ALC
Brad's feature pays tribute to a great bunch of ALC teachers.  June 24, 2005

Weekly Feature (Teresa): Summer Sun Safety
Teresa's feature contains lots of timely reminders about the summer sun.  June 19, 2005

Weekly Feature (Rick): Teen Slang
Rick's interesting feature will help parents to understand their teenage children. June 6, 2005

Weekly Feature (Paul): Asian Heritage Month
Paul fills us in on Asian Heritage Month, the many countries represented, and Canada's special links to Asia. May 30, 2005

Weekly Feature (Patricia): Fun Runs
Patricia demonstrates the standard paragraph and fills us in on a great way to have fun while helping the community. May 22, 2005

Weekly Feature (Pat): History of Victoria Day Weekend
Pat fills us in on the history of the upcoming long weekend and provides a comprehensive list of activities all may enjoy. May 15, 2005

Weekly Feature (Louise): Cinquains
Louise provides us with two easy recipes to learn how to write a cinquain. Includes six example poems. May 8, 2005

Weekly Feature (L): Career Choices - Tough Choices?
L makes some good suggestions for "out of the box" thinking on careers. May 1, 2005

Weekly Feature (Jennifer): The Essay: Part Two
Jennifer continues her feature on the essay with important information on ordering ideas. April 24, 2005

Weekly Feature (Helen): Terry Fox: A Coin for a Canadian Hero
Helen fills us in on the 25th anniversary of the Marathon of Hope. Includes a vocabulary matching quiz. April 17, 2005

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Dental Health Month
Ever had a toothache or a filling? Take good care of your teeth by following Cheryl's useful advice and avoid problems with your teeth! April 10, 2005

Weekly Feature (Dina): Math Awareness Month
Dina fills us in on Math Awareness Month and points out some fun and interesting Internet resources. April 3, 2005

Weekly Feature (Jennifer): The Essay: Part One
Jennifer gives us details on SABOC, Select, Audience, Brainstorm, Communicate. Includes a sample essay on ice cream. Yummy!  March 26, 2005

Weekly Feature (Brad): Easter 2005
Brad gives some Easter memories and points out some Internet sites for those who'd like to learn more.  March 20, 2005

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Family Fun in Vancouver
Tazim points out a great Web resource to help families choose exciting activities during the upcoming Spring Break.  March 13, 2005

Weekly Feature (Rick): Web Sites I Enjoy
Rick has done great research and found a number of excellent web sites to help adult learning. March 6, 2005

Weekly Feature (Paul): Canada's Fight to Stop Smoking
Paul's well-researched feature gives us solid evidence for quitting this dangerous habit. February 27, 2005

Weekly Feature (Patricia): Birds at Deer Lake
Patricia writes a demonstration paragraph. Includes photos taken at Deer Lake.February 19, 2005

Weekly Feature (Pat): Valentine's Day
Pat's feature includes great links to idioms, quizzes and more on Valentine's Day.February 12, 2005

Weekly Feature (Helen): Business Idioms
Helen gives us a list of common business idioms. Includes a self-marking quiz to test yourself. February 6, 2005

Weekly Feature (L): Chinese New Year 4702
L fills us in on the Blind Rooster Year, celebrated on February 9, a year especially dangerous for lovers! January 30, 2005

Weekly Feature (Brad): Four Tools for Better Writing
Brad gives us his personal opinion on four essential tools good writers need to use.January 23, 2005

Weekly Feature (Louise): Acrostic Poetry
Louise gives us a complete how-to-do-it for this ancient form of poetry. Includes examples! January 16, 2005

Weekly Feature (Dina): Blood Donation
Have you ever donated blood? If so, you're rarer than you think! Dina fills us in on this essential activity. January 9, 2005

Weekly Feature: 2005: A New Beginning
Cheryl outlines some of her resolutions for the new year and gives us a list of some of people's common resolutions. January 3, 2005

Special Feature: What's New on our Navigation Menus
New changes to our navigation menus help you get around the site even more easily than before! Includes example graphics to show you where to find new menu items.January 4, 2005

Special Feature: Helping Tsunami Victims in Asia
Links to sites on the Web where you can donate money to aid the millions of people in need. December 29

Weekly Feature (Brad): Preparing for a Family Christmas
Brad shares his holiday preparations and wishes us all a joyous season. December 24, 2004

Weekly Feature (Trudi): Lights in Winter Holidays 2004
Trudi has revised and improved on her feature on the lights of winter holidays. December 18, 2004

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Holiday Fun
Now that the Certificate Tests are almost over, Tazim suggests we take the time for some holiday fun in the Vancouver region.  December 11, 2004

Weekly Feature (Rick): Comic Book Heroes
Rick gives us a personal account of his love of comics, including a strong argument for their value in helping us learn to read.  December 4, 2004

Weekly Feature (Patricia): Vivid Verbs
Patricia demonstrates the power of vivid verbs and provides us with two quizzes to test our knowledge.  November 20, 2004

Weekly Feature (Pat): Personal Counselling at the PALC
Pat outlines the important services offered to students by our counsellor, Jane Osborne. November 13, 2004

Weekly Feature (Louise): Collocations: Word Pairs
Louise explains and demonstrates this important vocabulary term. Find examples and a quiz to help you learn them! November 6, 2004

Weekly Feature (L): Career Week
L reminds us that this coming week is career week in Canada. In its honour, our career counsellor, Elaine, will hold an information session for interested students. October31, 2004

Weekly Feature (Jennifer): Emily Murphy: Person
Jennifer gives us the inspiring story of Canada's first female judge: Emily Murphy.October 24, 2004

Weekly Feature (Helen): The United Nations
Helen gives us lots of information on the UN. Did you know it's United Nations Day on October 24th? Includes two vocabulary matching quizzes. October 18, 2004

Weekly Feature (Dina): Ramadan
Dina introduces us to this Islamic tradition, due to begin on October 15 this year.October 10, 2004

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Canadian Thanksgiving 
Cheryl explains the difference between the Canadian and American celebrations.October 2, 2004

Weekly Feature (Brad): Learn CPR: Save a Life! 
Did you know that, in Seattle (3 hours from Vancouver), almost every citizen knows CPR and could save the life of a heart attack victim? Find out more about this lifesaving technique. September 26

Weekly Feature (Trudi): Fall Equinox 
Trudi explains the equinox and points us to good information on the Web. September 19

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Back to School 
Tazim points out useful information at the B.C. Ministry of Education for adult students. September 11, 2004

Weekly Feature (Paul): The City of Richmond (B.C., Canada) 
Paul gives us lots of interesting information on the city, home to our airport and more. August 29, 2004

Weekly Feature (Patricia): The Triathlon 
Patricia gives us a lively account of this interesting Olympic sport. Competition is on August 25 and 26.  August 21, 2004

Weekly Feature (Pat): The Olympic Games: Athens 2004 
Pat outlines the history of the modern games and points us to great resources for this year's games.  August 14, 2004

Weekly Feature (Louise): "Here's Looking at You, Kid" Useful Idioms 
Louise defines and gives examples for common idioms using the word, "look." Includes a quiz to to do a self test.  August 7

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Earthquake Preparedness 
Tazim notes the two recent quakes in B.C. and provides timely emergency information.July 31, 2004

Weekly Feature (Helen): Roll Up Your Sleeves Canada 
Helen reminds us all of the critical importance of donating blood to others, especially in the summer. July 18, 2004

Weekly Feature (Dina): Summer Safety 
Dina fills us in on important tips for staying safe while enjoying summer activities.July 11, 2004

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Forest Fires 2004 
Cheryl outlines the dangers of a very dangerous fire season in British Columbia this year. Find out how to prevent fires and enjoy the forest safely this summer. July 4, 2004

Weekly Feature (Pat): Summer Solstice 2004 
Pat fills us in on the longest day of our year: the Summer Solstice. June 20, 2004

Weekly Feature (Helen): Canada's Federal Elections 
Information on Canada's Federal Elections, to be held on June 28. June 5, 2004

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Adjectives and Adverbs 
Spice up your writing with this feature from Tazim. Includes a link to more information for further study. May 29, 2004

Weekly Feature (Dina): Victoria Day 
Dina explains the origins and history of this weekend's holiday. May 22, 2004

Weekly Feature (L): Using Articles in Grammar (Part 2) 
L continues his two-part series on article use. Now, find out about the exceptions to Rule 1! Includes a quiz to test your knowledge. May 17, 2004

Weekly Feature (L): Using Articles in Grammar (Part 1) 
L gives all students a useful lesson in preventing their most common error: incorrect use of English articles. Rule #1: A singular count noun must always have an article! May 9

Weekly Feature (Paul): Mother's Day 
Paul outlines the fascinating history of the most important celebration for any mother.  May 2, 2004

Tazim points out an interesting link to information on using commas.   April 25, 2004

Earth Day 
Brad has updated Helen's feature on Earth Day, held this year on April 22.   April 17

Daylight Saving Time 
An updated feature from one of our former teachers, Carey gives us a comprehensive look at the facts and history of Daylight Saving Time.  April 3, 2004

 April Fool's Day 
Don't get caught by surprise! Read all about April Fool's Day here. No fooling! March 27, 2004

Spring Days and the Arts 
Cheryl encourages all parents (and the young at heart!) to take part in some local activities celebrating spring.  March 20, 2004

Saint Patrick's Day 
Dina explains the history of Saint Patrick's day, celebrated on March 17 every year. March 15, 2004

Louise brings us the rules of the semicolon. Includes two quizzes to test your knowledge.  March 7, 2004

 International Women's Day 
Helen brings us information on a worldwide celebration of women's rights. Did you know that Canadian women once fought for the right to be a "person" in the eyes of the law?  February 28, 2004

Nutrition Month 
Dina reminds us to continue remembering our health, even after Heart Month (and New Year's resolutions) are forgotten. February 15, 2004

A Winter Vacation in Ottawa 
This week Patricia writes on the vacation possibilities of our country's capital city, Ottawa. January 31, 2004

As a Student—Should You Ask Questions in Class? 
This week Paul writes at length about the important topic of student questions and encourages you to ask them!  January 24, 2004

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Happy Chinese New Year! 
This week Tazim provides some very interesting and informative links on the Chinese New Year. January 17, 2004

Weekly Feature (Brad): PALC Top Web Pages of 2003 
Do you know what's most popular at our Web site? The results may interest you and lead you to a page you haven't visited before! January 11, 2004

Weekly Feature (L): How to Beat the Post Holiday Blues 
L gives some timely advice on beating the results of our overindulgence in food and overspending the past few weeks! January 4, 2004

Weekly Feature (Pat): Happy New Year! 
Pat has revised and updated Carey's original feature on New Year's traditions around the world. Includes a quiz to try! December 28, 2003

Weekly Feature (Louise): Boxing Day—Day of Giving or Day of Sales? 
Louise attempts to discover the origins of this Canadian holiday tradition. December 24, 2003

Weekly Feature (Trudi): Lights in Winter Holidays 
Trudi traces the connections among the many winter holidays at this time of year. Includes Kwanzaa, Hanukah, Christmas, Los Posados and St. Lucia Day. December 12, 2003

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Christmas 2003 
Cheryl outlines some great places and activities for families looking for Christmas fun in the Lower Mainland. December 7, 2003
Louise's feature explains this important grammatical concept. Includes a quiz, so you can test yourself.  November 29, 2003

Weekly Feature (Pat): The Flu: How to Protect Yourself 
Pat's feature contains everything you need to know and includes links to quizzes to test that knowledge, too!  November 22, 2003

Weekly Feature (Paul): Accommodating Vancouver's Growing Population 
Paul brings us a well-researched report on the issues facing our large (and growing!) metropolitan region.  November 15, 2003

Weekly Feature (Helen): Do the Crime - Do the Time? 
Helen provides us with current information on uniquely Canadian justice. She includes three quizzes to help you check your knowledge. November 1, 2003

Weekly Feature (Patricia): Using the Correct Verb 
Patricia outlines important information on subject verb agreements. Includes two quizzes for you to try. October 19, 2003

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Reading Comprehension Exercises Online 
Tazim points us to three useful Web sites with interactive quizzes for reading comprehension practice. October 5, 2003

Weekly Feature (L): Computer and Internet Safety 
L gives good information about keeping your computer and your children safe when using the Internet. September 28, 2003

Weekly Feature (Brad): West Nile Virus: A Real Danger 
Brad outlines this new, and serious, virus transmitted by mosquitoes, which has recently affected his uncle in Alberta. September 21

Weekly Feature (Trudi): Time Management and Study Skills 
Trudi reminds students of the importance of scheduling time and studying effectively.September 14, 2003

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): The Hot, Dry Summer of 2003 
Cheryl writes on BC's extraordinary summer and how it has affected her and her family. September 5, 2003

Weekly Feature (L): Labour Day 
L sends greetings from Malaysia along with information on Labour Day celebrations around the world. August 31, 2003

Weekly Feature (Louise): Coordination 
Louise goes over the important grammatical term, coordination. Includes a self-marking practice quiz. August 24, 2003

Weekly Feature (Pat): September 03 Registration and Classes 
Pat answers questions many returning students have asked about September registration. August 17

Weekly Feature (Paul): The West Edmonton Mall 
Paul suggests an interesting and unusual vacation destination. August 10, 2003

Weekly Feature (Brad): Editing a 20-Error Paragraph 
Brad gives us two versions of a paragraph for editing practice, one with 20 errors, one corrected. July 20, 2003

Weekly Feature (Patricia): New Westminster's Queens Park 
For a lovely stroll after school, why not try Queens Park? July 12, 2003

Weekly Feature (Tazim): 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver! 
Tazim brings us information on Vancouver's successful bid to host the 2010 Olympic games. July 7, 2003

Weekly Feature (L): A Tale of Two Graduates 
L writes a feature article on our two most recent graduates: George and Tania. Includes photos taken at this year's recognition day ceremony. June 28, 2003

Weekly Feature (Brad): Learning at the ALC 
Brad writes a short personal essay on the unique nature of working and learning in an adult learning centre. June 22, 2003

Weekly Feature (Pat): The World Health Organization (WHO) 
Pat explains the historical role of this important worldwide organization. June 12, 2003

Weekly Feature (L): How to Survive the Certificate Tests 
L outlines everything you need to know in his five-point guide to writing the tests, including good answering techniques. June 1, 2003

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): National Missing Children's Day (May 25) 
Cheryl outlines the important services of Child Find BC and Child Find Canada, organizations dedicated to protecting children. May 25, 2003

Weekly Feature (Pat): Career Planning and Post-Secondary Information 
Pat gives important information on using the counselling services available to students at the PALC. May 18, 2003

Weekly Feature (Brad): Getting Ready for the Certificate Tests 
Brad outlines key resources useful to students preparing for the upcoming certificate tests. May 12

Weekly Feature (Helen): English as the Global Language 
Helen writes about the history of English and why it has become a global language.May 4, 2003

Weekly Feature (Louise): Spelling Demons Part 5 
Louise continues her series on commonly misspelled words. Includes a quiz so you can test yourself. April 26, 2003

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Discover Beautiful British Columbia 
Cheryl encourages us to vacation in Beautiful British Columbia. Lots of useful links to travel information. April 18, 2003

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Writing Topic Sentences 
Tazim points out good Web resources on the Topic Sentence. Includes links to pages here at April 13, 2003

Weekly Feature (Brad): Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) 
Brad outlines what is known (and not known) about this new disease affecting people worldwide. April 6

Weekly Feature (Carey): Daylight Saving Time 
Carey reminds us to set our clocks next Sunday and provides useful and interesting facts about Daylight Saving Time. March 30, 2003

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Dragon Bones 
Cheryl fills us in on an interesting exhibit of dinosaur bones, eggs, and embryos. March 23, 2003

Weekly Feature (Patricia): The Olympic Games 
Patricia outlines Vancouver's Winter Olympics bid and gives us relevant links to visit.March 15, 2003

Weekly Feature (Brad): The Atlas of Canada 
Brad introduces us to the many fabulous online resources about Canada. Includes links to curriculum, quizzes, common questions and more. March 8, 2003

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Stanley Cup Playoff Hockey 
Cheryl gives us information and links to help us follow hockey (and the fortunes of our home team, The Canucks!). February 23, 2003

Weekly Feature (Pat): Heart Month 
Pat reminds us to take care of ourselves and our hearts. February 16, 2003

Weekly Feature (Louise): Spelling Demons Part 4 
Louise continues her series on commonly misspelled words. Includes a quiz so you can test yourself. February 9, 2003

Weekly Feature (Paul): On Becoming a Better Listener 
Paul discusses how to improve your listening skills. February 2, 2003

Weekly Feature (Trudi): Happy Chinese New Year!  
Trudi gives us information on an important cultural tradition. January 26, 2003

Weekly Feature (Carey): The Language of Mathematics  
Carey explains to us how the language of Mathematics is an everyday, useful vocabulary for anyone to possess. January 19, 2003

Weekly Feature (Trudi): An Illustrated Approach to Vocabulary  
Trudi leads us to a site where a student can learn new vocabulary through pictures.January 12, 2003

Weekly Feature (Brad): Effective Educational Web Design (Part Two: Building in Interactivity the Free and Easy Way)  
Brad continues his series on Web Design to be used in conjunction with Professional Development workshops to be held on January 31. January 11, 2003

Weekly Feature and Quiz (Trudi): Is it a Cold or The Flu?  
Trudi points out two Web sites to help you learn the difference. Includes a comprehension quiz. January 6, 2003

Weekly Feature (Brad): Effective Educational Web Design (Part One: It's Your Content that Counts)  
Brad begins a series of discussions on Web design to be used in a School District 40 Professional Development Day workshop. December 31, 2002

Weekly Feature (Patricia): Marking Your Writing 
Patricia explains the "C,F,S,M" marking system used by the teachers. December 15, 2002

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Folk and Fairy Tales 
Tazim points us to a favourite Web site, full of stories with important messages for all. December 8, 2002

Weekly Feature (Louise): Spelling Demons (Part 3) 
part three of Louise's feature to help you conquer commonly misspelled words. Includes a link to a fill-in-the-blank quiz. November 25, 2002

Weekly Feature (Brad): How to Answer Questions Well (2) 
Brad continues with more pointers on pleasing your English teachers with strong and effective answers to questions. November 17, 2002

Weekly Feature (Brad): How to Answer Questions Well (1) 
Brad gives some pointers on pleasing your English teachers with strong and effective answers to questions. November 3, 2002

Weekly Feature (Tazim): The Food Bank 
Tazim outlines the goals and objectives of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and encourages students to donate generously this year. October 26, 2002

Weekly Feature: Naming Decimals 
Carey reviews some important decimal rules. October 20, 2002

Weekly Feature: Canadian Thanksgiving 
Cheryl explains the meaning of this important autumn day. October 13, 2002

Weekly Feature: Staying Healthy Part 2 
Tazim points out a great resource from the Canadian Government on nutrition and health. October 6, 2002

Spelling Demons Part 2 
Louise continues her series on commonly misspelled words. Includes excellent memory tips and links to a quiz to test yourself! September 29, 2002 

Reading and Fishing? 
Find out the connection between reading and fishing in L's feature. Includes links to four online presentations in PowerPoint (viewable in Internet Explorer 5.0+) and to three former features on Vocabulary by L. September 22, 2002

September 11: A Personal View 
Brad writes on last year's tragic events and points out some alternate sources of information on the Web. September 8, 2002

Effective Reading through SQ3R 
Paul outlines a method for more effective reading just in time for the start of the new school year. September 1, 2002