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Writing Topic Sentences
by Tazim

I have found that many students are still struggling to write effective topic sentences in their paragraphs.

Here are some web sites for you to check out. Each one has some great tips on writing good topic sentences.

Pages on the Web

The Topic Sentence Defined

Topic Sentences

What is a Topic Sentence?

Another Topic Sentence Definition (Includes Examples)

Pages at

Student Topic Sentences with Teacher Comment (Our most popular Topic Sentence page)

Topic Sentences? Good Rules to Follow (A writing worksheet)

Defining the Topic Sentence (Web Collaboration with Expert Opinions)

Once you have had a chance to look through the sites, use some of the suggestions in your own writing. You will find  that you  will have a stronger, more cohesive paragraph as a result of writing a good topic sentence.

(April 13, 2003)

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