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  Weekly Feature: (September 28, 2003)

Computer and Internet Safety
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How can you protect yourself from computer viruses and material that might not be suitable for the younger members of your family? You need a combination of luck, technology, and common sense. The more common sense you use, the less you need to depend on luck and technology.

Here is a list of things you could do to protect yourself:

• Never download files from sites that you don’t know and trust.

• Do not open e-mail from people you don’t recognize

• Do not use a disk that has been used on another computer unless you know for certain that it is not infected

• Get a good anti-virus program and update it regularly

• Position your computer monitor in an easily seen part of your home.

• Educate your children on Internet safety.

While there is no fool-proof way of securing your computer, taking some sensible precautions should allow you to safely enjoy your computer. If, like me, you do not have an anti-virus program on your computer, you need to be even more vigilant. My e-mail server automatically scans all attachments, and I have never used an outside disk on my computer. So far, I have been virus-free and thankful!

With kids, education is a lot more effective than close monitoring. Their quick fingers can easily switch from pornography to their homework almost as fast as you can blink.

Online Safety Contract for Children
See an on-line safety contract you could discuss and sign with your children.

Check out the sites below for more information:

Information on Antivirus Programs

Computer Safety Tips

Computer Safety Online (for kids)
Lots of information on various issues related to Internet safety for children. It features articles that are respectful of the child’s needs for privacy and trust.

Signs Your Children Might be Misusing the Internet.
This FBI publication gives you a list of signs to look out for if you suspect that your children might be misusing the Internet.



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