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  Weekly Feature: (August 24, 2003)

Louise's Weekly Feature



Let’s talk about coordination this week. A clause is a group of words that has a subject and a verb. If a clause can stand alone as a complete idea, it is an independent clause and can be written as a simple sentence.

Here are two independent clauses written as simple sentences:

• My neighbour played loud music all night.
• It didn’t bother me.

We can join the two clauses together by putting a comma and a coordinating conjunction between them:

• My neighbour played loud music all night, but it didn’t bother me.

Here are some other examples of coordinating conjunctions joining together two independent clauses.

• I couldn’t wait to jump in the water, for it looked so cool.
• The sky got dark, and it started to snow.

Notice a comma is placed in front of each coordinating conjunction.

Here is a list of some of the most common coordinating conjunctions:

and    for    or    yet    but    nor    so

Now it’s time for you to try a quiz and practice what you have learned.


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