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  Weekly Feature: (October 19, 2003)

Using the Correct Verb
Patricia's Weekly Feature



The correct verb can make your sentences more effective. Always try to use the best verb to describe the action. Instead of writing this sentence: The fit man went to the store. Write this one: The fit man jogged to the store. In the last sentence you can picture the man in action.

Subject-verb agreement is also important. If you have a singular subject, you need a singular verb. Always check to see if they agree. In this sentence it is clear they don't: My sisters is unhappy. Change it so they do agree: My sisters are unhappy.

Verb tenses should also be considered. When did the action occur? Was it in the present, past or future? This sentence shows the incorrect verb tense: Next summer Mother and I travel to Ireland. The verb should be "will travel." Now see if you can practice choosing the most suitable verbs in these quizzes.

Quiz on Thanksgiving Verbs

Subject-Verb Agreement Quiz


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