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  Weekly Feature: March 7, 2004

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In the weekly feature of November 29, 2003, we studied subordination. This week, letís talk about semicolons. We can join two independent clauses by placing a semicolon between them. The semicolon takes the place of a conjunction:

ē Fred hopes to buy a new car in June; he has been saving for two years.

ē Barb loves the outdoors; she often goes hiking and cycling.

Notice each of the sentences above could also be made into two separate sentences by replacing the semicolon with a period. Also notice that the first word after the semicolon is not capitalized.

Now itís time for you to try two quizzes to practice what you have learned:

Scrambled Sentence Quiz on Semicolons 1

Scrambled Sentence Quiz on Semicolons 2


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