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  Weekly Feature: January 11, 2004

PALC Top Web Pages of 2003
Brad's Weekly Feature


The top 20 pages below represent more than 20% of the total pages viewed at the Pearson ALC's Web site (about 165 000 of the 757 000 total viewed in 2003). It is interesting to note that 6 of the top 20 pages are student writing.

Read my comments below each page and visit as many as you like. According to our users around the world, these are our best pages of the year 2003!

1. PALC Home Page
Everyone comes home first. Note that Home always has the freshest, most up-to-date content, so visit it to see what's changed recently at

2. PALC Grammar Quizzes
Ah, grammar! A large assortment of quizzes that mark themselves. Take one or many and improve your English!

3. PALC Java Quizzes
The master index to all our recent quizzes. You are sure to find something interesting here!

4. Advanced Composition Archive
My lessons on writing in one large, easy-to-use index. Each lesson has a corresponding writing sample to illustrate the concept taught.

5. PALC Home Page at Room 184
Our "home" home page at the ALC. Note that we have access to a number of interesting dictionaries here, including to Wordsmyth, one of the best learner's dictionaries on the Internet.

6. PALC Search Page (Search Results)
Lots of people looking for pages and so their results rank high!

7. Student Writing (Essay Samples)
Like it says in the title: essay samples to help you understand the standard, 5-paragraph structure.

8. PALC What's New Page
Updated several times a week to keep you on top of the latest page changes.

9. Student Writing at Pearson ALC
A regularly changing page that features one student's writing. With anything from poetry to essays, this page is worth visiting often!

10. For Students Page at the PALC
The easy index for students new to the PALC.

11. Weekly Feature (Laura Secord: A Great Canadian)
Jennifer's wonderful feature on Laura Secord has become a worldwide resource for Web users searching for good information on a famous Canadian!

12. Student Writing (Describing a Person)
Always a difficult task, read this page to help understand how to do it.

13. PALC Search Page
Want to find something on the Web site? Try our search engine! We have over 1 000 pages of information.

14. PALC Resources Page
A one-stop index of all our major pages. Makes it easy to find a resource in a hurry.

15. Student Writing (Topic Sentence Examples with Teacher Comments)
Topic sentences are often tricky for students. Here are some that include comments on their effectiveness from a teacher.

16. Basic Composition Assignment Archive
Some of my older lessons on composition. Includes links to writing samples.

17. Weekly Feature at Pearson ALC
Each teacher writes a feature about 5 times a year. Always interesting, individual, and well worth reading1

18. Student Writing Examples with Teacher Comments
More student writing! Again, teacher comments to help you learn to write better prose.

19. Student Writing (Example Body and Conclusion Paragraphs)
Essay writing information. These paragraphs are excellent examples for any student to study.

20. PALC Vocabulary Quizzes
Improve your vocabulary with our self-marking Java quizzes! Easy to use and many include a word list, so any one can try them.


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