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  Weekly Feature (September 26, 2004)

CPRLearn CPR: Save a Life!


Recently, I read that, in Canada, the best place to have a heart attack is in the city of Edmonton. Why? Because there, almost one in two citizens knows how to perform CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation). Even more impressive was information on the city of Seattle, only three hours from Vancouver by car. There, nearly every citizen knows how to perform CPR.

What difference does it make? If you suffer a heart attack, having someone perform this lifesaving technique doubles your chance for survival. Brain death begins only four to six minutes after your heart stops beating. If someone is able to keep oxygen flowing to your brain (by performing CPR) your chances of survival are much greater.

My daughter, for example, has learned this technique at her high school. My sister learned it as a swimming pool lifeguard. For me, I've only read about it and am not certain if I could do it correctly in an emergency.

One thing is for sure, however. This recent news has made me think: how would I feel if someone needed CPR and I was unable to provide them with a chance for survival? Really, it's about time I learned! And you?

Bystander CPR best way to save lives
Article on CPR from CBC news. "To save lives, the public must learn CPR."

Study links heart attack location, survival rate
CTV news article about where it's best to have a heart attack in Canada

Information on Learning CPR
Diagram of the technique along with a good explanation.

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