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  Weekly Feature (July 18, 2004)

Roll up Your Sleeves Canada



“Every minute of every day, someone in Canada needs blood. That someone could be a loved one, a friend, a co-worker, or you.”

Much of the blood that is transfused every year is done under emergency situations. In Canada, hundreds of thousands of people each year receive blood components or blood products following accidents, during surgery or cancer treatments, burn therapy, hemophilia, and other blood-related diseases.

*The average amount of blood in one person is five liters or 10.5 pints.
*There are approximately 450 ml of blood in a unit
*On average, 4.6 units of blood are required per patient
*In 2003/2004 CBS (Canadian Blood Services) collected approximately 840,000 units of whole blood.
*Blood is comprised of several components. These components may be transfused separately or together to treat various conditions. Each donation of whole blood is separated into 4 main components:

+Red Blood Cells
+White Blood Cells

To learn more about these components please use the following search:
Canadian Blood Services

 How much does it take?

ICBC has stated that (on average) in BC there is a car crash every 2 minutes.

CBS states that a car crash patient requires about 50 units of blood. The math: 720 X 50 = 36,000 units of blood needed per day for car crash victims alone. NB: The summer months and the long week-ends are the worst times for car crashes. Examples of need for blood:

-for cancer patients- up to 8 units/week
-bleeding ulcers – 3-30 units -
coronary artery bypass – 1-5 units

CANADIAN BLOOD SERVICES –call donors THE LIFEBLOOD OF THE SYSTEM Radio and TV announcements are calling for more blood donors.

“Blood. It’s in you to give.” CBS states: It’s safe. It’s easy. “All needles are sterile, used only once and discarded. The usual blood collection – one unit – is about half a liter, or one pint. Your body soon replaces all the blood you donate. It’s an easy way to help save lives, and it takes only about an hour. Book an appointment to avoid waiting.

Who can donate?

*healthy people between the ages of 17 –61 ( 71 if you’re a regular donor)

Canadian Blood Services web site offers on-line donor clinic listings. Use your area code to find the donor location near you. You can also call 1 888 2 Donate (1-888-236-6283)

Be A Star - CTV Blood Donor BC Lions Football Club You can arrange to donate blood with a BC Lions football player. Call 604-661-3628, or web site: Blood Services

Blood Donor Vocabulary

Lifeblood – necessary to life, vital
Donate – give or contribute
Sterile – free from bacteria
Discard – throw away
Component – part of a larger whole
Comprise – include, make up
Transfuse – transfer donated blood to a person
Avoid – stay away from
Blood platelets – helps blood clot
Blood plasma – the colorless fluid part of blood

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