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  Weekly Feature (August 21, 2004)

The Triathlon



Soon at the Athens Olympics you値l be able to watch the triathlon, one of the most physically challenging sports. To start, the fit athletes, like lemmings en masse,  will rush madly into the cool water. You値l see only their arms flying and their legs kicking wildly. After 1.5 kilometers and about 15 minutes, they値l stagger out one by one. In the transition area, they値l find their bikes and carefully walk them out. Quickly they値l hop on and slide their feet into their cycling shoes. Speeding off down the road, they値l try to avoid crashing and falling. If they池e lucky, after 40 kilometers and about 60 minutes, they値l reach the transition area again. There they値l dismount cautiously. Still looking strong, they値l start the final leg. Arms and legs moving smoothly, they値l struggle through the last section of the course. Finally, after 10 kilometers and about 32 minutes, they値l cross the finish line. All of this year痴 Olympic triathletes should feel proud for competing in one of the most arduous and varied of the Olympic sports, and hopefully you値l enjoy supporting and watching them on TV on August 25 and 26.

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