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  Weekly Feature (May 8, 2005)

Louise's Weekly Feature



You may have noticed some poems in the Pearson ALC display cabinet. They are cinquains written by Communications 12 students.

 A cinquain is a poem of five lines. The name comes from the Latin word for “five”-quinque. When you write a cinquain, you follow a recipe. Here are two possible recipes:


Recipe One

Line 1:  one word to name the subject                           tree

Line 2:  two words to describe it                                 tall, green
Line 3: three action words about it                               growing, reaching, shading

Line 4: four or five word phrase describing
the subject (a thought, not a complete sentence)           lungs of  the earth

Line 5: one word that means the same thing                         
as the first word, or a word that sums it all up.             saviour


Recipe Two

Line 1 - two syllables                                                     Pink sky
Line 2 - four syllables                                                   turns to purple         
Line 3 - six syllables                                                     as the sun slides behind
Line 4 - eight syllables                                                  the mountains and day slowly turns
Line 5 - two syllables                                                     to night



Some people think Recipe One is easier to write than Recipe Two. Usually Recipe One cinquains are written in a diamond shape, so they are sometimes called diamond poems. Here is a poem written in the diamond shape.


tall, green
growing, reaching, shading
lungs of the earth


 Here are some mores examples of Recipe One cinquains:


spotted, happy
running, barking, jumping
a wagging tail on the end
fire dog!



smelling, pretty
planting, budding, growing
making us feel happy inside



delicate balls
softly floating above
unbelievable happiness


For more examples of cinquains, visit the display cabinet at Pearson ALC or try this website: Amaze: The Cinquain Journal

Why not try writing your own cinquain-use Recipe One or Two. Write two or three and then, hand in the one you like the best for the Pearson Patter, Pearson ALC’s newsletter. Have fun reading and writing poetry!


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