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  Weekly Feature: (November 5, 2005)


Diabetes Awareness Month
Dina's Weekly Feature



Did you know that November is diabetes awareness month?

Diabetes is a leading cause of death in Canada. While there is no cure for diabetes, it can be managed. Currently over 2 million Canadians have diabetes. This number is expected to increase to 3 million by the year 2010.

When the pancreas cannot make enough or any insulin, (a hormone that allows glucose in the blood to enter the bodys cells), or cannot use the insulin, diabetes develops. The result is that the blood carries too much blood glucose (blood sugar levels increase). If left untreated, it can lead to damage to blood vessels and organs.

Symptoms of diabetes include feeling tired, extreme thirst, frequent urination, weight change (loss or gain), and/or blurred vision.

There are three types of diabetes.

      Approximately 10% of people with diabetes have Type 1 diabetes. It is diagnosed most often in children and young adults. This form of diabetes results when the body mistakenly attacks and destroys the insulin producing cell in the pancreas.

      Type 2 is the most common form of diabetes and most often diagnosed in adults. This form of diabetes develops when the pancreas is no longer able to produce enough insulin, or the body is not using it properly.

      Gestational diabetes, which occurs during pregnancy, is a temporary condition. This form is found in about 3.5 to 3.8 % of pregnancies. There is an increased risk of developing diabetes later in life for both the mother and child.

To learn more about diabetes, find recipes and references, or test your knowledge on the subject visit the Canadian Diabetes Association website at What is Diabetes?


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