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  Weekly Feature (March 20, 2005)

Easter 2005
Brad's Weekly Feature


Easter is a time of great importance to Christians. As a boy, Easter was a mystery to me; certainly I understood it was important and attended church with my parents and family. But, I don't think I really comprehended its importance until much later in my life.

To many, Easter represents a bunny that comes calling to our houses, bringing chocolate eggs for the children. The egg is a potent symbol of fertility and new life. Somehow, however, I doubt that many of those who buy chocolate eggs this Easter realize how ancient and important is the symbol of the egg.

It was as a young man, travelling to Athens in 1977, that I first realized the significance of Easter. I watched in awe the parades of thousands of people in the streets and came to understand that, as a Canadian, I had never before seen such large public displays of faith. We in Canada, a secular state, keep our religion to our private lives. In Greece, it was a celebration for all to see and enjoy.

Now, I understand Easter as the cornerstone of the Christian faith. For all of you who will celebrate this weekend, I wish you all a good Easter. If you'd like to find out a bit more about Easter, visit the sites below.

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