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  Weekly Feature: (July 16, 2005)


Food Safety
Dina's Weekly Feature


Having a barbecue during the summer is a common occurrence. To avoid food poisoning, follow a few simple rules.

 Keep meats, salads and other perishable food cold in the fridge, if possible, or in a cooler bag with ice packs, until you are ready o cook or eat them.

 It is best to use separate cooler bags for raw meats and ready-to-eat foods e.g. salads. Ice packs keep food cold for a limited time, so cook sooner rather than later. Prepare the barbecue in advance and make sure it is hot before starting to cook.

 Keep raw and cooked foods apart at all times. Do not handle cooked food with utensils that have touched raw meats. Also, do not put cooked food or ready-to-eat food on plates that have held raw meats.

 Keep serving bowls covered to protect them from insects, dust and animals.

For other food safety advice as well as games on food safety, see A Guide to Food Safety



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