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  Weekly Feature: (December 18, 2005)


Holiday Studies
Patricia's Weekly Feature


The Pearson Adult Learning Centre will be closed from December 16 until January 3, so you'll have time to study over the holidays. What should you study? Take home your Language Exercise book and your math book and try to do about 20 pages a week. The more the better. Most of you have been taking science classes too, so study the class material or your science book.

If you are in a grade 11 or 12 course, you can continue as you have been doing and follow the course outline. It's also always a good idea to read as much as you can on whatever topic interests you.

Remember all of you can check the school's website for helpful information.

Try some of the quizzes to upgrade your skills or read some of the sample essays or paragraphs like the new descriptive one below to help prepare for the upcoming certificate tests. If you keep up your studies, you'll do better when you return to school on January 3.


Snow in Queen's Park

     When the first snow falls, it makes Queen's Park beautiful and peaceful. It looks like it is covered in a soft, white blanket. Tree branches droop from the weight of the new snow. Squirrels leave tiny footprints as they scamper from tree to tree. Hardly a sound is heard except for the giggles of a little girl as she rolls happily down the gentle slope. The park is such a peaceful place to wander on a winter's day.


1. What is the topic sentence? When the first snow falls, it makes Queen's Park beautiful and peaceful.

2. How many detail sentences are there? There are 4 detail sentences.

3. What is the closing sentence? The park is such a peaceful place to
wander on a winter's day.


4. Are there a variety of sentences? There is only one complex
sentence which starts with when. The other sentences are simple but

5. Are there any words (adjectives) to describe the people, places and things? Yes, there are several adjectives: first, beautiful, peaceful, soft, white, new, tiny, little, gentle, and winter's.

6. Are there any vivid verbs? Yes, there are several vivid verbs: is covered, droop, scamper and rolls.

7. Can you imagine this place as you read the paragraph?

8. How does this paragraph make you feel?

9. Are any sounds repeated? The initial consonant sounds are repeated in a few sentences.


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