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  Weekly Feature: (September 3, 2005)


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Patricia's Weekly Feature


The Pearson Adult Learning Centre has a new home. When you return to school to reregister on September 6 or 7, you will see the portables, six small attached buildings, in the old teacher parking lot near 10th Avenue.

This will be our school for the next two years. We will have a computer lab, four classrooms and our own washrooms. There will be no need to enter the old school. The parking lot will be near 8th Street and 10th Ave. However, it is better if you can car pool or take transit to school, for parking is always limited.

Students who reregister will receive a schedule for classes in the morning, afternoon, late afternoon or evening. English 7 (3b,3c),English 8 (4a, 4b), English 9 (5) and English 10. Science and Math classes will also be offered at the same levels.

Students who have finished English 10 may want to attend Civics 11, a new social studies course. Plus, there will be a new Math 10 class for those students who have finished Math 9.

Those students who have finished Communications 12 may consider attending the new English 11 class. Of course we will continue to offer our self paced grade 11 and 12 course as well.

The Pearson Adult Learning Centre has undergone some needed changes this year, but continues to meet our studentsí needs. If you have some friends who want to come to upgrade their education, they can register on September 7 or 8 at 9:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., or 7:00 p.m.

Classes will start on September 12 and finish on January 27 this term. However, we will continue to enroll new students on Thursdays. We look forward to seeing all of our former students and new students soon.


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