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  Weekly Feature: (September 21, 2005)


On Being a DadOn Being a Dad
Rick's Weekly Feature


If you haven’t already heard the news or seen the photographs, the CD or the short film, I was fortunate to give birth to a bouncing baby girl.  Well, I didn’t actually give birth- my wife did, but I was in the room and I felt the pain of her labour. 

Since the blessed event, I have had to make some adjustments to my daily routine. Presently, I do a lot more walking, I drink a lot more coffee and I sleep many fewer hours.

Gabrielle, like her mom, enjoys being on the move and travelling to exotic locations. If we are not in constant motion she will begin to cry loudly- very loudly.  This constant motion has allowed me to become skinnier. I am not only walking more but I am also carrying extra weight. All the additional time I spend walking takes away from my snacking time. Consequently, I have lost my baby fat, but I have gained a baby.

On a less healthy note, I have increased my coffee consumption back to my university exam levels. There are several coffee shops in the neighbourhood that I walk and I have patronized all of them. I get to read the newspaper, watch the people go to work and, most importantly, show off my beautiful daughter.

Further, coffee reduces my appetite which may not be too healthy. I recently read, however, that coffee contains anti-oxidants which are beneficial and may explain my youthful appearance and girlish figure. I am trying to lower my coffee intake since my doctor warned me that there was too much blood in my caffeine system.

A final benefit of this life-changing event is that I have been able to watch many of my favourite television shows and infomercials which air late at night or early in the morning. I keep the volume low and read the closed captioning.

Reading the subtitles to my child forces me to watch the show more closely. Also, I read the words aloud in a soothing voice to calm my baby. Gabby doesn’t understand me yet, so when I read, “Dust the area for fingerprints and check for GSR (gunshot residue) on the perp’s clothes” it is as good as saying, “There, there, it’s okay baby.” She simply wants to hear the soft sound of my voice.

In the grand scheme of things, fatherhood has looked upon me quite favourably. Despite the diaper changing and sleepless nights, I have been able to improve my health and catch up on my favourite dramas; CSI, 24 and Law and Order. I highly recommend parenthood.

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