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  Weekly Feature: (July 24, 2005)


Road Safety
Be Calm, Be Aware, Be Courteous
Helen's Weekly Feature


ICBC states: - there is a car crash in BC every two minutes and someone is injured in a car crash every seven minutes. Is it possible to improve the odds of being in one of these car crashes? Yes!

Keep your cool!
Don’t let traffic congestion get you “steamed up.” Gridlock happens, so be calm and continue to be a safe, considerate driver.

Plan ahead.
Allow for the possibility of traffic problems, give yourself extra time to arrive on time. Obey the speed limits, even if you think you’re getting late. Be late, but safe.

Drive sober.
Absolutely never drink and drive or drug and drive. Never get in a car with a drinking driver. Other dangerous driving includes speeding, tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic and running red lights. Keep the kids happy.

Stay upbeat.
Bring enough toys and snacks to pass the time contentedly. Listen to traffic reports to avoid congested roads if possible.

Be a Polite Driver.
There are enough impatient, aggressive drivers out there. Don’t be another one. If another driver annoys you or challenges you, don’t make eye contact, stay calm and courteous. Prove you can be a safe driver under pressure. Your life and the lives of others may well depend on your safe driving. * Be a good example to your passengers and to other drivers – always drive defensively.

Be Proactive.
If you feel unsafe because of an aggressive driver, or if that driver is putting others at risk, call 911. * It’s the responsible thing to do. Always buckle up and make sure all your passengers are buckled up too.

Get enough sleep before you drive.
If you start to feel drowsy – pull off the road at a safe place. Have a nap or find a place to stay the night. * If you can barely keep your eyes open, you should not be driving!

Be very alert.
Watch for other drivers who may be “nodding off” at the wheel.

Stay calm, and don’t get angry.
* Focus on driving safely. Avoid talking on your cell phone or working on your laptop while driving Apply your makeup and fix your hair before leaving home. Shave in the bathroom, not while driving. Do your homework at home, not behind the wheel.

Obey traffic signals.
68% of drivers admit to speeding and running yellow lights turning red. (*check for these drivers before you pull out at a green light) Never try to beat a train across the tracks or an ambulance, fire truck, or police cruiser through an intersection.

 *Be calm, be aware, be courteous. Safe driving! Links: Insurance Corporation of BCRoad Safety


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