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  Weekly Feature: (December 4, 2005)


Snow Similes
Louise's Weekly Feature



Isn’t it amazing to have had snow already this year? Snow is a special treat in the Lower Mainland for children because they hope that school will be closed for a day or two.

On the other hand, adults, who are trying to get to work or to school, do not enjoy the snowy days very much, especially when they have to drive on slippery streets. No matter what you think of snow, it often moves writers, so let’s use snow as an inspiration to write some similes.


Similes compare two unlike things using the words “like” or “as”.

For example:  The snow was as white as the clouds in the sky.
                       The snow was like silver beads on my coat.

Try completing the similes below:

1. Snow is like ________________________________________.

2. The snow was as ________________as __________________.

3. The scarf was as _______________ as___________________.

4. The scarf was like____________________________________.

5. The hill was as slippery as a_____________________________.

6. I slid down the hill like a _______________________________.

7. The ice was as _________________as___________________.

8. It is as cold as______________________________________.

9. My nose was red like a ________________________________.

10. The fire in the fireplace was like a_______________________.

Now try writing some similes of your own, and showing them to your teacher.


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