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  Weekly Feature: (June 19, 2005)


Summer Sun Safety
Teresa's Weekly Feature


Precautions to take in Summer Months

Summer is here and we are going to enjoy many days of sunshine. This is also the time of year when the sun’s rays contain the most ultraviolet (UV)  light. UV light is very dangerous to our health.

There are three types of UV light – UVA, UVB and UVC. UVA makes our skin tan, wrinkle and form age spots or freckles, UVB causes skin cancer and cataracts. UVC never reaches the earth’s surface.

The weather report in the summer has a daily UV Index which lets us know how long we can stay out in the sun before getting sunburned.

                                    The UV Index

                         UV Index        Category         Sunburn Time

                        Over 9             Extreme           less than 15 minutes

                        7-9                   High                about 20 minutes

                        4-7                   Moderate         about 30 minutes

                        0-4                   Low                 more than one hour

                                   —Source: Environment Canada

How to protect your skin from UV skin cancer:

Health Canada has a list of recommendations on how to protect our skin against UVA and UVB and prevent skin cancer .

Preventing Skin Cancer

 How to protect your eyes from UV damage.

Besides our skin, our eyes also have to be protected with a proper pair of sunglasses. To learn more about sunglasses visit


Guide for parents

For parents, Health Canada has some guidelines on how to choose the right sunscreen and use it properly.  There's also a list of suggestions on how to protect children from the hot summer sun.

The Right Sunscreen

Protecting Children

Have a good and safe summer.

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