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  Weekly Feature: (June 6, 2005)


Teen Slang
Rick's Weekly Feature


Before I came to the Adult Learning Center I worked with teenagers aged 13 to 16. For the most part these young people were easy to understand, but sometimes they would use words with which I was not familiar.

Sometimes the words or phrases were used to compliment or embarrass others. At other times this language was used to prevent me from knowing what they were doing or what they were planning to do. They were often surprised or embarrassed when they realized I knew what they were talking about.

It also amused them when I would try to use their ‘slanguage’ in class. As a teacher or a parent it is good to be TSSL, teen slang as a second language. Here is a partial list of some common terms with which I am familiar. The full list can be accessed at the links below.


all that
1. of a superior nature; wonderful or attractive. "That boy is all that." "That song is all that and a bag a chips!"

1. n. A large rear end that looks good. ** “ Jennifer Lopez has some mean

1. adj. sexually attractive. 2. adj. voluptuous. Not too skinny-- looking very attractive with plenty of "booty." "Beyonce looked bootylicious in that outfit!"

cool wit dat
1. I'm o.k. with that.

da bomb
1. n. A mid nineties term for the best. A great thing or situation. "That CD is the bomb!" "His corvette is the bomb!" "This place is the bomb!"

1. adj. Late 80's verbage, still used in some arenas for something good, excellent or appealing. See also "tight" or "phat." "Check out his dope ride."

1. very good. "That ollie you just sprung was mad hott dude." 2. stylish. "That jacket is hott!"

1. hot, attractive, sexy.

mad skills
1. an incredible ability to jump high.  “That boy has some mad skills on the court.

off the hook
1. Exceptionally good. "Did you see John’s new 22” spinners? They was “off the hook!"

on fire
1. Extremely good, often in sports. "Bertuzzi was on fire last night."

peace out
1. a farewell remark. To say to someone, especially a friend, "good bye."

1. n. Favor or admiration credited to a person because of something done. A verbal recognition of good achievement.

1. adv. A skater or grunge term for extremely happy. "Did you see that trick? I was stoked I landed it!"

1. Very good, great.


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