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  Weekly Feature: (October 23, 2005)


Welcome Back Everyone!
Brad's Weekly Feature



The past two weeks have been disruptive to all of us, students and teachers alike. As a teacher, I miss my students.

Soon enough, however, we'll be back in the thick of our fall term. I know that all of our teachers will be working hard to help students to meet the goals they set themselves this September. Students are going to need the energy stored up the past weeks!

I have no doubt of your success.

Thoughts on the Picket Line:

For many teachers, myself included, the past two weeks were my first experiences of being on strike. I had no idea what to expect.

One impression I carry with me is of the size and diversity of the staff members of our school. I'd met, or at least seen, many of the large and devoted support staff before. But to see the secretaries, the custodians, the painters every day, standing beside the teachers, gladdened my heart in a difficult time.

The constant array of donated food, from delicious home-baked chocolate cookies to pizzas delivered at noon, showed us every day how much the community cared. It was humbling to be treated with such generosity.

What I'll remember most was the honks, the waves, the thumbs up, the V for victory signs from drivers passing by. The driver of the Coca Cola truck honked; the driver of the Pepsi Cola truck did too! Honks came from pickup trucks, from shiny new BMWs, from silver-haired veterans, from mothers in cars full of children. From the first day to the last, the community's support was overwhelming.

So, thanks to everyone for your patience. I know I speak for all the teachers at the ALC when I say we are happy to be back, anxious to see you all, and ready to get back to work!


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