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  Weekly Feature: (June 24, 2005)


Working at the ALC
Brad's Weekly Feature


Two years ago, I wrote a piece for our Weekly Feature titled "Learning at the ALC." In it, I described the unique ways that our learning centre functions. What I notice now, in the light of our upcoming move, is that it was all about people and not about the physical environment at all.

This past week, I note again the importance of the people who make the Pearson ALC such a unique working environment. Our task was to pack up all of our "stuff" accumulated over the 16 years we've been in operation and make it ready for the movers.

It will be not one move for the ALC, in fact. This summer, the centre will operate at Glenbrook Middle School; next September we will move back into portable buildings to be located on top of the former staff parking lot on 10th Avenue.

Do I worry that the centre will be different in any way? No, not at all. Watching my colleagues working seamlessly on the myriad tasks of sorting, throwing out, packing and labelling, I have no doubt that we are each able to function in a team environment, contributing to it and making it stronger as a result.

For the reaction I see in my colleagues is one of "let's get this done" and move on to the important work we do with our students. As long as we've remembered the pens, the paper clips, the paper, the filing cabinets . . . (the list goes on and on!) we'll be fine. But even if we've forgotten something, or something is missing, I can still count on the incredible composure of my fellow teachers. One of us will find a way around any physical problem; I can count on that!

So, this week, our classrooms went dark for the final time. No more Room 184, 186, 187 and 280! But take heart, there are plans afoot to rename our portable classrooms by the same numbers! And even if not, you'll still find your favourite teachers there, working to ensure you meet your educational goals.

—to Ann, Barb, Cheryl, Dina, Helen, Helen M., Jennifer, L, Louise, Midori, Pat, Patricia, Paul, Rick, Tazim and Trudi. Thanks guys!



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