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Three Student Descriptive Paragraphs
by Trudi

Here are some sample paragraphs from my English 10 class. They are descriptive paragraphs describing the boy, William, from the story “All Summer in a Day”. Even though it was the same person being described, the descriptions are different, showing how each writer saw the character. I chose these as they were so different from each other.

by Ruth

William is a strong and bossy boy. His athletic body is very tall and almost higher by one head than his classmates. He has dark and tough skin that looks muscular and is often wet and sweaty. Actually, he looks like a wrestler. Since he fights with several kids without any help and won finally, he has become an idol of his classmates and has a bunch of followers. Because of the power, William is gradually arrogant and domineering. For example, when his thundering boasts rise in the boiling class, everybody keeps quiet and listens carefully. William is easily mad and jealous if someone disagrees with him. A slight girl, who insists her memory is different from his, he treats roughly and gathers his classmates, closing her into a closet. William is a powerful person whose annoying behaviour really bullies other children and especially hurts some puny kids’ feelings deeply.


An Unusual Kid
by Emilia

William has an angelic face but a cruel mind. He has golden, curly hair, blue eyes, and a sweet smile. Nothing betrays him but his eyes. William’s icy look shows his true self. He likes to make fun of other kids. For example, if he finds out a secret about someone, he won’t hesitate to yell it out loud. Often his jokes make kids cry, and he enjoys hurting somebody’s feelings. William’s beautiful face is a tricky mask for his ugly soul.


by Sarah

William is a vigorous and domineering boy. He has red hair like a flame. His bright green deep-set eyes on his slim white face shows his shrewdness. He is lean but strong and is taller than the average boy of his age. He is the winner almost every time he fights with other kids. He always comes up with mischievous ideas among the naughty boys. He is so arbitrary that he can’t put up with his classmates arguing with him. Although he is loyal to his friends, he is rude to other people. So some kids follow him, some fear him, and some look upon him with disdain. He causes all his teachers headaches. William is really a problem student who usually makes trouble.


( April 23, 2006)


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