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  Weekly Feature (November 12, 2006)

Johnny CanuckCanucks are Us, Eh!



Canuck: A slang term or nickname for Canadian; -an Americanism, first recorded use in 1835 referring to French Canadians; now refers to any Canadian Yankee: the nickname for Americans

Johnny Canuck

Johnny Canuck, “born” in 1869, began life as a political cartoon of Canadians who resisted Uncle Sam’s (American political cartoon figure) bullying. During World War ll, a high school student, Leo Bachle, re-invented Johnny Canuck in "Operation Canuck," a graphic narrative as Canada’s super-agent for Canadian security and defender from the Nazi menace.

In 1975, a comic-book artist, Richard Comely, recreated Johnny Canuck as Captain Canuck: a national personification of stalwart, honest, and upstanding Canadians who avoid conflict if possible.

In 1995, Canada Post issued Canadian postage stamps celebrating Canada’s comic-book superheroes. Johnny Canuck was depicted as he appeared in the comics, dressed in a flight jacket, goggles, leather headgear and boots.

Originally, Vancouver’s hockey team was called The Vancouver Millionaires of the Pacific Coast Hockey League who won the Stanley Cup in 1915.

In 1970, this fine team changed its name to The Vancouver Canucks, members of the National Hockey League (NHL). (Quebec had the Montreal Canadiens.)

The use of “Canuck” by Canadians themselves is affectionate and patriotic. We know who we are. We Are Canucks!


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