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  Weekly Feature (November 26, 2006)

More Career Choices



Many people aspire to become doctors, lawyers, and accountants Ė and thereís nothing wrong with that. Itís just that there is a lot more than that out there. Also, for many adult students, there is an overly long path before you get to that coveted designation.

Here are some alternatives:

One is to pursue trades related, blue-collar options. The money is good, the training period is relatively short, and the demand for workers is red hot now in BC and Alberta. Iíve dealt with this option in an earlier feature article that you could revisit by clicking on the following link: Career Choices

Another option is to become your own boss. Be entrepreneurial, and build your own dreams! Some of us have special needs and interests that can only be fulfilled by being self-employed. What are some of the perks of going this route? How about flexible hours, interesting work, unlimited income potential, and total control over your work environment? The downside is that you lose the relative stability of having a regular pay cheque, and if your plans donít work out too well, you could face financial ruin.

Here are some links for you to check out your options:

I Don't Flip Burgers is an informative web site originally created by students to help other students get a feel of entrepreneurship and help pay their way through college/university.

The RDK Career Services web site offers general career planning advice to enable you to explore your employment options. This is particularly suitable for residents of the Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody area.

Find out more: Entrepreneurship 12 at the Pearson Adult Learning Centre

Finally, if you are in English 10 or higher, you could enroll for our Entrepreneurship 12 course beginning next February. Itís also a grade 12 credit that will help you get your high school diploma.


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