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  Weekly Feature (August 27, 2006)

Study Habits for Success



1. Set goals Ė the roadmaps to success. Goals help students see the big picture and also focus their attention on the day-to-day steps. A clear goal strengthens studentsí resolve, and helps them measure progress and recognize success as it happens.

2. Think positively, creatively, critically, and courageously. Thereís power in positive thinking. Make a positive commitment to yourself and to your goals. Look for enthusiastic classmates, interesting ideas, and new concepts in all your schoolwork. See challenges as opportunities, and be courageous enough to try new things. Check for internal stumbling blocks: poor organization, procrastination, detrimental self-talk, ineffective habits. Get help if needed. Review your successes. Praise is a good thing! Remember to praise yourself and others.

3. Questions, questions, questions! Be like a child, a scientist, or a CSI investigator: be curious, ask lots of questions, and make lots of notes. Use questions to stimulate your interest and to organize your thinking. *Whatís the main idea in this passage? *Whatís the point of this? *How are the points supported? *Why is this important? Read questions for valuable clues. What are you asked to do?

4. Good reading skills- A magic key to student success Being able to comprehend what youíre reading is absolutely essential for success at school and in many other aspects of life - from following traffic signs to understanding medical instructions to writing exams. Read. Read. Read. Read newspapers, magazines, and books. As you read, pay attention to the authorís main ideas and supporting details. Use clues to predict the authorís plan.

Successful students share some common characteristics. They ask the necessary questions to be confident and they understand the work and what is required of them. They develop a habit of connecting information to assigned tasks. They are self-motivated and positive students and classmates.

Good luck and success to all our students as we enter this new term together.

Test yourself on the vocabulary below.


resolve (verb) - decide firmly resolution (noun) a firm decision

concept - idea or mental picture

procrastinate - delay, postpone, do something some other time

self-talk - evaluating yourself , telling yourself you did well or poorly

CSI - Crime Scene Investigators

self-motivated - a desire from within yourself to do or be something

detrimental - harmful, damaging

commitment - make a promise or pledge, a strong dedication

enthusiastic - eager, very interested,

stumbling block - makes something difficult

internal - inside (the body, mind or soul) or invisible

essential - necessary , canít do without it

investigate (verb) - examine, study carefully, investigation (noun)

clues - facts, ideas that serve as a guide; hints; bits of information


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