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It is that time of year when we start to think of going on a trip. Canadians certainly like to travel whether it is for a Sunday drive in the Lower Mainland or a one week trip to Mexico. As well as having a good time, you can use your traveling experiences as an inspiration for your writing.

The following is a list of useful travel words which you can use as a resource. Print the words out, and then think of a trip you recently took. Answer the questions found after the travel words, and then write a paragraph about your trip.

Travel Vocabulary

abroad, accommodations, adventure, airline, airplane, airport, backpack, bed and breakfast, bellhop, booking, bumping, cancellation, charter, credit card, cruise, currency, customs, destination, entertainment, fare, first class, gratuity, guide, immunization, inn, itinerary, luggage, meal plan, motor lodge, off-season, overseas, package tour, passport, rates, recreation, relaxation, reservation, resort, round trip, sightseeing, time sharing, time zone, tourist, tour, transfer, travel agent, travel brochure, travelerís cheque, visa


Answer these questions and then write a paragraph about your trip. Show your teacher.

1. Where did you go?

2. When did you go?

3. Why did you go?

4. Who went with you? 5. What did you take along?

6. Describe some of the things you saw or visited.

7. What was the memorable event of your trip?


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