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  Weekly Feature: (January 22, 2006)


Barb's Weekly Feature


Night after night, I see you coming to class. You come right after work, on the Skytrain and on the bus. You haven’t seen your family since you left for work at 7 am. You haven’t eaten your supper yet. You work hard.

I know you work hard because I watch you struggle with English grammar rules that make no sense. I see your face fall when you get your paragraph back and it looks like it has been in a serious accident. There are red corrections on every line. Yet you persevere.

I know you work hard because sometimes you fall asleep in class. Embarrassment and shame line your face when you wake up. Sometimes you leave class early because your body and mind are overworked. “Sufficient rest” is not yet in your vocabulary.

I know you work hard because you are very grateful for help I provide. You tell me how difficult is for you to make time to work on your Language Exercise Book lessons. Yet most nights, you have completed your homework.

When you are asked to discuss your writing or a story with a partner, your English speaking becomes more fluent. The smiles, laughter and enthusiasm that you bring to the task shift the energy in the classroom. The whole room becomes alive because you work hard.

You are my students at PALC. I applaud the strength, motivation, and endurance that you bring to class to conquer and run with the English language.


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