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BC Blueberries
Pat's Weekly Feature


Do you know that British Columbia is the second largest producer of cultivated blueberries in the world? With more than 12,000 acres of farmland growing this fruit, BC ships blueberries to many international locations such as Australia, Japan, Taiwan, and Europe.

This summer, I have enjoyed eating fresh blueberries, which are readily available at stores and markets. One of my favourite summertime activities is to pick the freshest possible berries by visiting a U-Pick farm in Abbotsford.

When I was a child growing up in Ontario, we stayed at a summer cottage on Georgian Bay, where an abundance of tiny, sweet wild blueberries were just waiting to be picked. If I could resist devouring my bucket of berries before reaching the cottage, I could usually count on a slice of my mother’s blueberry pie for dessert, served warm from the oven.

Blueberries are high in nutritional value but low in calories. They contain fibre, manganese, vitamin C and E. You might have heard blueberries called a “superfood” because of their antioxidant value, and scientists believe they protect against infection, cancer and age-related illnesses.

Fortunately, fresh BC blueberries are usually available from July to at least September. If you want to enjoy blueberries throughout the year, they are easy to freeze and will last up to two years. Simply freeze them in the original container and then transfer to plastic bags.

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