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Homework?Where Can I Find Time to Do My Homework?


Each class that I attend I can relate a little bit better to my students. All teachers have been students at some point in their lives but I think anyone could benefit from a little reminder of what itís like to sit in a classroom as a student. Recently I have been taking a language class at night and feel that I better understand how my students might be feeling in my class.

I know I would benefit from doing my homework, but how can I do it when thereís no time in the day? Like my students, my class is twice weekly, and when my teacher gives me homework on a Tuesday when, I wonder, am I supposed to do it to have it completed by Thursday? Itís not much better when itís given on Thursday; an hour before I leave home for the Tuesday class I am busy scribbling the ten sentences which describe the pictures on the handout. Like my students, I know the importance of homework but that doesnít make doing it any easier.

If I know the answer but the teacher is asking someone else do I have to keep quiet? As my classmates struggle to reply I desperately not only want to help them but I want to speed up the tempo of the lesson. I know the answer. I understand the concept. I want to move on.

As a teacher I want to encourage all students, and I want to give everyone an equal opportunity to respond. I often have to remind students to remain quiet when it is not their turn. I find it easier to be the teacher because of the control that I have, and the frustration I feel as a student must simply be stifled.

It is extremely difficult to sit for 2 Ĺ hours even with a break. Teachers have the freedom of movement not equally shared with students. By the end of the evening not only is my brain tired from a full day of thinking, but physically my body is more tired from lack of movement than it would have been from a 2 Ĺ hour hike. Itís an exhausting job being a student.

If you are one of my students and sometimes feel frustrated or tired in my class or perhaps havenít done your homework, I completely understand how you feel. This, of course, doesnít let you off the hook. Your paragraphs are still due Tuesday.




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